Facebook Faces More Opposition on Proposed User Privacy Changes

By Todd R. Weiss  |  Posted 2012-11-29 Print this article Print

One issue that could be affected by the latest proposed changes is the affiliate data-sharing proposal, said Jacobs. "At least when it comes to data sharing with Facebook affiliates, Facebook has to give European users more of an opportunity to consent before they have their information turned over to any affiliate. I don't know how Facebook is going to implement that change but it seems that at least from the perspective of the Irish commissioner that there will need to be some change."

If changes are made there, Jacobs said he's not sure how that could affect similar Facebook user policy changes for the United States and elsewhere. "It could be a European-only thing. I guess we'll have to see how it develops."

More than 14,000 Facebook users posted comments on the proposals before the one-week review period was completed.

Among them, E. Drason Anderson wrote that: "I vote for me—not Facebook—I vote for privacy to be intact and modified by me and only me."

G'ma Vonnie Howard wrote, "I do NOT want anyone else but ONLY those I 'friend' to even see my site or my family/friends' postings! Simple as that! There are 'kooks' out there just 'crunching at the bit' to scam or do harm to others for fun."

Deborah Cabodol wrote, "This is a bad idea .... we choose our privacy settings for a reason .... with all the cyber hacking, I want a safe and secure place to communicate with people I choose ..... not your choice. I will be looking at other options. How much do the companies pay to access our personal information?"

Another user, Josh White, posted that he would delete his "account if these changes are put into place."

K.J. Pierson wrote that "too often this will be used as a tool if possible by employers to eliminate potential employees if the information cannot be kept private. Therefore I vote no. Our data should be available to the public we choose, without yielding total control to the whims of a company. However, the choice is yours, but a dictatorship often brings changes, and there are alternatives in this age.

Another user, Kelly Stankewitz, wrote: "As a longtime user of Facebook, I strongly oppose any changes that limit my privacy or increase the availability of my information to third parties, including advertising and data mining companies."


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