Hushmail Business Smooths the Path to E-Mail Encryption

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Hushmail Business Smooths the Path to E-Mail Encryption

by David Strom

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Compose options

You can add encryption and digital signing to each message in Hushmail.

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While not as copious as Gmail, there are still a respectable number of options to configure your mailbox behavior found in the preferences section.

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Secure Forms

Anyone can easily set up a secure Web form to send encrypted messages with the secure forms service of Hush.

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More Secure Forms

The secure forms functionality can make it easier for customers and suppliers to communicate with your organization securely, without having to set up anything on their end.

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Admin Options

Business versions of Hush include this administrative screen that can handle rudimentary tasks, such as the allow and block list to whitelist and blacklist particular e-mail users and domains.

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Domain Options

The service also features an admin console for managing domains associated with an organization's account.

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