OctetStrings Virtual Directory Engine 3.0.2 - Page 3

Evaluation Shortlist

BMC Softwares Calendra Directory Management Creates virtual directories and facilitates user provisioning (www.bmc.com)

Maxwares Virtual Directory Provides a product suite similar to RadiantOne VDS (www.maxware.com)

Persistent Systems EnQuire One of the few hardware virtual directory appliances, which we dont see as an advantage (www.persistent.co.in)

Radiant Logics RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server Taps a well-designed, cache-based mechanism to quickly process requests for identity information (www.radiantlogic.com)

Symlabs Directory Extender Focuses on LDAP directory with little help for identity stored in databases (www.symlabs.com)

Labs Technical Director Cameron Sturdevant can be contacted at cameron_sturdevant@ziffdavis.com.


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