The Best Backup Solutions

Review Roundup: There's one other certainty in life besides death and taxes: losing data. Be prepared for it with the best backup solution you can find.

The question isnt if youre going to lose data—its when. You need to be backing up and you need to be using a reliable product to do it. After testing plenty that let you store data on the Web or locally, we gathered together the reviews of the best.

In This Roundup:

SOS Online Backup 1.3 (beta)
Backs up your files continuously (even locked ones), keeps them safe off-site, and retains all versions indefinitely.

Mozy Remote Backup 1.6 (beta)
Backs up files even if youre working on them. Gives you up to 2GB of remote storage for free; beyond that, fees are about one-tenth the going rate.

Stardock KeepSafe 1.0
Retains up to 50 previous versions of files youre working on, storing them locally on a network, and makes finding the older versions easy.

NTI Shadow
No more scheduled backups (unless you want them). Every time you save a file to the hard drive, the utility makes a copy to a local device or network.

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