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DHS Bans Kaspersky

Multi-Layered Defenses Needed to Improve Cyber-Security, FBI Says

FBI Cyber-Division Section Chief Jeffrey Tricoli provides insight into what many organizations are missing that could prevent attacks and help to aid investigators.

Apple Updates macOS High Sierra With Patches for Two Critical Flaws

Apple's recently released High Sierra operating system is patched for flaws in the keychain password service and APFS filesystem.
Word Flaw Cyber-Spy

WSJ Report Says Russian Hackers Stole Cyber-Defense Details from NSA

NEWS ANALYSIS: A Wall Street Journal report about how Russian Hackers apparently stole information about U.S. government cyber-spying techniques indicates that a contractor's personal computer may have provided the attack route.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 5, 2017

Yahoo Admits Data Breach Impacted All of Its 3B Users VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Yahoo revises the massive data breach impact from 1 billion to 3 billion users; Equifax breach impact expands as its former CEO admits patching failure; Java 9 debuts with Jigsaw modular approach at JavaOne; and there's more.
Equifax CEO testimonty

Congress Grills Former Equifax CEO Over Data Breach

Richard Smith, ex-CEO of Equifax, spent two days on Capitol Hill answering questions from Congress about the data breach that exposed information on 145.5 million Americans.

Oracle Launches Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Cloud Service

Oracle is the latest major IT provider to offer a blockchain cloud service; IBM and Microsoft have both been offering their own version of this for a while.

Gemalto Partners With Ledger to Bring HSMs to Crypto-Currency

Under the partnership Gemalto's Hardware Security Module will be integrated with Ledger's Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System to improve security for crypto-currency and blockchain data assets.
Security mistakes

5 Deadly Sins of Privileged Access Management Put Firms in Harm's Way SLIDESHOW

There are certain recurring errors and practices that leave organizations open to data breaches, according to a survey from BeyondTrust.
Software Development Security

Google Reveals Critical Flaws in Dnsmasq Software Packages

Researchers discovered seven unique vulnerabilities in the open-source Dnsmasq software, impacting hundreds of millions of Android phones and other devices.
Cloud security

Oracle Cloud Security Suites Automatically Detect, Foil Cyber-Threats

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison’s says companies are losing the cyber-war, but claims his company has the answer with its new Security Cloud services driven by artificial intelligence.
Yahoo Data Breach 2

Yahoo Revises Massive Data Breach Impact from 1B to 3B Users

Four months after it was taken over by Verizon and 10 months after initially disclosing a massive data breach after, Yahoo admits that all of its users were impacted.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 3, 2017

Whole Foods Claims Data Breach Limited to Restaurants, Taprooms VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Whole Foods is investigating a payment card data breach; Kubernetes 1.8 improves security with role-based access control; Google reports government demands for user data is at an all-time high; and there's more.

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