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Microsoft cloud

Microsoft Hardens Windows Cloud Instances With AI-Enabled Controls

The new Adaptive Application Controls in Azure Security Center use artificial intelligence to automatically create and implement whitelists that help keep Windows instances secure.

18 Cyber-Security Trends Organizations Need to Brace for in 2018 SLIDESHOW

The next year will bring many of the same cyber-security challenges as 2017, but with some new ones as well. Eighteen security experts share their predictions for the year ahead.
Haven app

Guardian Project Debuts Haven Security App to Protect Personal Privacy

The Freedom of the Press Foundation joins with the Guardian Project to develop the Haven Android app that can help protect personal spaces by using sensors on Android devices that detect potential intruders.
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 22, 2017

Alteryx S3 Cloud Storage Data Leak Exposes Data on 123M Americans VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: A cloud data leak exposes information on 123 million Americans; Krzanich says Intel will focus on IoT, AI and 5G wireless for future growth; Google tells Android developers to build only 64-bit apps; and there's more.

Google Removes Three Fake Bitcoin Wallet Apps From Google Play

A security firm discovers that fake cryptocurrency wallets got into the Google Play store. How can users avoid the fraud and keep their Bitcoin where it belongs?

Twitter Expands Two-Factor Authentication Security Options

Twitter now supports the use of third-party two-factor authentication tools including Google Authenticator, Authy and Duo Mobile.

New Survey Finds 10 Percent Failure Rate in Email Security Systems

NEWS ANALYSIS: Security firm Cyren tested millions of real-world emails to find out how well email filtering software and appliances worked, and found that many of them didn’t.
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 20, 2017

Thales Buys Gemalto for $5.6B to Advance Digital Security VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Thales acquires Gemalto for $5.6 billion to create a global security giant; a collaborative takedown kills the IoT worm "Satori"; Google will index and rank sites using mobile versions of their content; and there's more.
New Google Cloud DLP Features

Cloud Data Leak Exposes Information on 123 Million Americans

NEWS ANALYSIS: Yet another Amazon S3 cloud storage data leak is publicly disclosed. What can organizations do to eliminate the risk?

IT Science Case Study: How Chef Cooked Up Better Security

Chef is an innovative, fast-moving company that is driven by speed to market using a DevOps approach to engineering. It needed a better security system, and it found one.
WannaCry Ransomware

2017 Year in Review: Cyber-Security Faces Challenges Old and New

NEWS ANALYSIS: 2017 was another challenging year for cyber-security, with multiple high-profile data breaches and vulnerabilities disclosed.
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 19, 2017

Hacker Uses TRITON Malware to Infiltrate Critical Infrastructure Sites VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: TRITON attack targeted critical infrastructure, a security firm says; AMD racks up cloud server wins with Baidu and Microsoft; Amazon will resume sales of Google Chromecast video streaming devices; and there's more.

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