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Data Breaches Shook Faith in Government, Ruined IT Careers in 2017

NEWS ANALYSIS: Massive data breaches destroyed people's faith the security of their personal information while it ruined the careers of senior IT executives along with the reputations of giant corporations.
Cyber-security funding

2017 in Review: Cyber-Security Funding Reveals Risks and Opportunities

A lot of money poured into cyber-security startups over the course of 2017, as venture capitalists look beyond data breaches to find financial opportunities.
IoT Toy Security Risk

Huawei Router Exploit Code Used in IoT Botnet Goes Public

Hackers have released the exploit code for Huawei router vulnerability that helped to enable the Satori IoT botnet.

Predictions 2018: Internet of Things Will Expand as Threat Vector

Millions of unsecure, Internet-enabled devices provide new threat surfaces that security operations experts will have to defend.
Microsoft Biometric Security

Microsoft Campaign to Make Passwords Obsolete Starts at Headquarters

Most of Microsoft's employees are using Windows Hello, the company's biometric technology, to log into their PCs as the company seeks to serve as an example to all Windows PC users.
Daily Tech Briefing Dec. 28, 2017

Digmine Malware Uses End-User Systems to Mine Cryptocurrency VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Digmine cryptocurrency miner spreads via Facebook Messenger; moves from Drupal to WordPress in a CMS shift; and there's more.

Recognizing the Most Common DDoS Attack Vectors in an IT System

In 2018, we can expect that these attacks are only going to become more frequent and intense. Operations security (OPSEC) specialists in the know are putting this type of breach at or near the top of their priority lists.
IoT security

Security Flaws Found in Sonos Internet Connected Speakers

NEWS ANALYSIS: If devices are connected to the internet and accessible without any authentication, bad things could happen.

Digmine Malware Steals Your Computer Power to Mine Crypto-Currency

UPDATED NEWS ANALYSIS: Malware has always been about destruction, either real or threatened, as a way to accomplish the goals of its creator. But that’s changed with crypto-currency mining malware.

Boundless Server Provides Base for Enterprise GIS Ecosystem

Boundless Server features a flexible architecture that enables enterprises to reliably publish a range of data and workflows to web apps, desktop clients or mobile devices.

Digmine Cryptocurrency Miner Spreads via Facebook Messenger

There's now yet another way that hackers are getting cryptocurrency mining code running on end-user systems.

Security Vendors Continue to Attract Investors to Fund Their Efforts SLIDESHOW

A number of cyber-security vendors secured new funding in December 2017, among them cloud and IoT security vendors.

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