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CyberArk Brings Privileged Session Manager to the Cloud

CyberArk has integrated technology from Vaultive to create a new offering that looks to help organizations secure session and access management in the cloud.

Why Supply Chain Security a Serious Enterprise Problem

NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite the fact that the Bloomberg BusinessWeek story about a tiny chip secretly installed in Super Micro servers is almost certainly wrong, the threat to the supply chain is very real.
Facebook data breach

Facebook Revises Data Breach Impact Downward, Provides New Details

There’s some good news from Facebook as the number of users actually impacted by the recent data breach has been reduced and no third-party apps were apparently affected either.
Google Plus Gone

Google+ Updated for Enterprise Users as Consumer Version Shuts Down

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google+ had a major vulnerability, but it wasn't a breach and Google+ isn't entirely dead (yet) either.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 12, 2018

Symantec Adds Workload Assurance Tools to Cloud Security Portfolio VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Symantec brings workload assurance security to the cloud, and Adobe aims to optimize shopping experiences with Magento Commerce Cloud.
Palo Alto Networks Fake Flash Updater

Palo Alto Networks Uncovers Flash Updater Cryptojacking Campaign

In addition to getting a legitimate Flash Player update, victims of a new campaign uncovered by Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 also got the XMRig cryptocurrency mining software.

Why CISOs Fumble With Understanding Security Needs

NEWS ANALYSIS: Confusion over policies, treating symptoms instead of causes and lack of focus are throwing enterprise security planning into a state of chaos.
Alert Logic

Alert Logic Grows Container Security Capabilities

Alert Logic is moving its container security support beyond Amazon Web Services and now supports Microsoft Azure--in addition to on-premises deployments of containers and Kubernetes.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 10, 2018

BlackBerry Server Tackles Quantum Computing Security Concerns VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: BlackBerry will add a quantum-resistant server to its cyber-security platform, and Splunk advances data platforms for what's next.

Learning Security Protocols From the OODA Loop

A thought process originally envisioned by the U.S. Air Force for training its fighter pilots may also help IT managers deal more effectively with security challenges.
Sophos InterceptX EDR

Sophos Adds EDR to Intercept X Endpoint Security

Sophos is expanding its Intercept X endpoint protection platform with new endpoint detection and response capabilities that can help organizations better understand and respond to emerging threats.

Symantec Brings Workload Assurance Security to the Cloud

Symantec is expanding its cloud security portfolio with new cloud workload assurance capabilities, enhanced cloud workload security features and a new Managed Cloud Defense service.

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