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remote access Trojan

Users Clicking Through Warnings, Leading to RAT Infections

Cisco Talos and ReversingLabs warn that the Adwind Remote Access Trojan (RAT) has added capabilities that enable it bypass some anti-virus technologies, though users still need to click through warnings in Microsoft Office.

Oracle Improves Security, Performance in Java 11

The second major milestone release of Java in 2018 is now available, providing organizations with a release that will be supported for up to eight years.

New Russian Malware Can Embed Itself in PC Firmware

The new malware is called LoJax because it infiltrates a computer’s firmware in a manner similar to the popular LoJack security software.

Kubernetes 1.12 Improves Cloud-Native Security With TLS Bootstrap

The third major release of the open-source Kubernetes container orchestration system in 2018 is now out, providing users with a stable release of a key security feature that has been in development for two years, while previewing a new sandboxing isolation capability.
VirusTotal Enterprise

Alphabet's Chronicle Security Business Launches VirusTotal Enterprise

Google's parent company Alphabet's Chronicle security business unit is continuing to build out the VirusTotal malware research service, adding new capabilities to help enterprises with threat hunting activities.
Bandwidth Alliance

Cloudflare Advances New Internet Standards for Speed and Security

As part of its Birthday Week, Cloudflare announces support for internet standards that help to improve speed and security, as well as unveiling the new Bandwidth Alliance that could help to save customers millions of dollars in bandwidth costs.
Verizon Payment Security 2018

PCI-DSS Compliance Declining, Verizon Reports

For the first time in six years, Verizon has reported a decline in organizations' level of full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Microsoft Adds New Enterprise Protection, Management to Outlook Mobile

“The main thing we want to accomplish is balance,” Microsoft Vice President Gaurav Sareen told eWEEK. “We want Outlook to be trusted by IT and loved by users.” Sounds simple, but this is not a trivial task to accomplish.
New Google Cloud DLP Features

Symantec Extends Data Loss Prevention Platform With DRM

Symantec is integrating more capabilities into its data loss prevention platform, including improved GDPR compliance and digital rights management features.

How Enterprises Can Better Defend Against Social Media Threats

Digital protection platform maker ZeroFOX helps eWEEK provide a look at the most prominent social media threats plaguing users today and ways to defend against each.
Attivo Serverless

Attivo Brings Cyber-Security Deception to Containers and Serverless

Attivo's ThreatDefend deception platform can now enable organizations to create decoy containers and serverless functions, in an attempt to trap attackers.
YubiKey Series 5

Yubico Advances Strong Authentication Security With YubiKey Series 5

New security key hardware from Yubico provides support for different authentication protocols and can be used to enable a "password-less" security model.

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