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Processor Flaws

Processor Flaws Force Chip Producers to Make Security Top Priority

NEWS ANALYSIS: With the discovery of a passel of computer processor flaws in the past year, chip makers are putting more effort into security and uncovering other vulnerabilities. Here are five significant chip flaws from the last 18 months.
IBM MaaS360

IBM Enhances MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management Platform

IBM adds a new policy recommendation engine to its MaaS360 unified endpoint management platform to help improve security configurations and compliance.
tenable io

Tenable Extends Cloud Application Security Scanning Capabilities

Tenable is updating its cloud-delivered services capabilities, adding new connectors to support GCP and Azure, while also advancing web application discovery features.
Google OAuth Limits

Google Rolls Out New Measure To Protect Against OAuth Abuse

Third-party applications that require the OAuth service for user data access are now subject to a new daily new user cap, company says.

HPE OneView ITAM Software: Product Overview and Insight

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: HPE OneView is an infrastructure automation engine to simplify operations, increasing the speed of IT delivery for new applications and services.
IBM Guardium Analyzer

New IBM Guardium Tool Detects Sensitive Data for GDPR Compliance

Though the deadline for GDPR compliance has already passed, there are still many organizations that are not compliant, which is why IBM wants to help with a new tool to identify private information.
Daily Tech Briefing June 4, 2018

US Government Offers Direction in Fight Against Distributed Attacks VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: A U.S. government botnet report warns about the lack of security tool use, and Google says Pixel 2 encryption thwarts even privileged insider attacks.

Baffle Advances Encrypted Data Protection Platform

Baffle is updating its Advanced Data Protection Service, enabling organizations to keep all data inside a database encrypted, while still enabling full data use.

Nine Ways for Enterprises to Prosper in the Face of GDPR

What e-commerce enterprises need to understand about their compliance standards and the steps they must take to protect their customers’ data.
SonicWall CEO Bill Conner

SonicWall Looks Beyond Firewalls to Bolster Cyber-Security VIDEO

VIDEO: SonicWall CEO Bill Conner details how his company has grown since spinning out from Dell, building our new product lines to enable real-time breach detection and prevention.
Daily Tech Briefing June 1, 2018

Two Canadian Banks Hit With Data Breaches, 90,000 Affected VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Two Canadian banks report breaches exposing customer data, and Google and AT&T will offer a new connectivity option for cloud customers.
Helm Chart

Helm Project Advances to Help Cloud Native Application Packaging

The open-source Helm project is now its own stand-alone project in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, providing a package management system for deploying applications into a Kubernetes cluster.

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