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Azure Data Loss Prevention

Microsoft Thwarts Cyber-Attacks with Azure Web Application Firewall

The Azure Web Application Firewall is now generally available, allowing customers to deflect cyber-attacks aimed at application hosted on Microsoft's cloud.
Pwn2own 2017

VMware Patches Security Vulnerabilities First Disclosed at Pwn2Own

VMware released an update fixing four different security vulnerabilities that could have potentially enabled an attacker to escape the isolation of a virtual machine and attack a host operating system.
Jessie Frazelle and Brandon Phillips

Kubernetes Security Policies Benefit from Best Practices

The open-source Kubernetes container management and orchestration system has implemented a security vulnerability disclosure policy that aims to help minimize risk.
Data Flaw Record

IBM X-Force Report Reveals a Record Number of Vulnerabilities in 2016

The newly-released 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report found a 566 percent increase in the number of compromised data records as the total number of security vulnerabilities surpassed 10,000 for the first time.
Data breaches

2016 Was a Record Year for Breaches, Gemalto Reports SLIDESHOW

Eighty-six percent more data records were lost in 2016 than 2015, with malicious outsiders ranked as the top cause, Gemalto's Breach Level Index finds.
Symantec Network Security

Symantec Reaping the Benefits of Blue Coat Acquisition

Symantec made multiple acquisitions in 2016, including its $4.65 billion purchase of Blue Coat, and is now benefiting from those assets as it aims to grow in 2017.
March 28, 2017 Tech Briefing

Cyber-Thieves Using Persistent Bot to Steal Gift Card Balances VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Cyber-thieves using GiftGhostBot to steal gift card balances; Google threatens to distrust Symantec SSL/TLS certificates; Google warns users it plans to remove SMS texting from Hangouts; and there's more.

Apple Patches Large Number of Flaws in iOS, macOS Updates

With its iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 security updates, Apple patches a number of interesting flaws, but none that were apparently related to the recent WikiLeaks Vault 7 Central Intelligence Agency disclosure.
March 27 2017 Tech Briefing Video

Hacker Charged With Business $100 Million Business Email Fraud Scheme VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Hacker accused of carrying out business email scam netting $100M; Google's web ad misplacement troubles spread to U.S.; Konica Minolta developing office automation Hub for SMBs; and there's more.
Phishing attacks

IBM Applies Cognitive Insights to Reduce Phishing Risks

IBM Trusteer Rapport adds news cognitive capabilities to help rapidly detect and protect against phishing attacks.
SSL/TLS certificates

Google Threatens to Distrust Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates

Google is warning that it intends to deprecate and remove trust in Symantec-issued SSL/TLS certificates, as Symantec shoots back that the move is unwarranted.
Gift Card Theft Bot

Cyber-thieves Using GiftGhostBot to Steal Gift Card Balances

Distil Networks discovers a new advanced persistent bot that is stealing money from gift cards at retailers around the world.

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