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Cray, SGI Awarded $52 Million in Federal Supercomputer Contracts

Posted : 2016-11-08

The two companies will supply systems as part of the DOD's ongoing program to upgrade its capabilities in high-performance computing. Read More >


Microsoft Unveils Project Olympus OCP Server Hardware

Posted : 2016-11-02

The company switches gears, contributing new server designs to the Open Compute Project much earlier during the development process. Read More >


IBM, OpenPower Foundation Make Push into Europe

Posted : 2016-10-27

At the first OpenPower Summit on the continent, the group unveiled new projects and offerings based on the open architecture. Read More >


GPU's Role in Artificial Intelligence Advances Featured at Conference

Posted : 2016-10-26

NEWS ANALYSIS: The confluence of big data, massively powerful computing resources and advanced algorithms is bringing new artificial intelligence capabilities to scientific research. Read More >


Combined Dell EMC Shows Off Its Enterprise IT Prowess

Posted : 2016-10-21

This week's inaugural Dell EMC World in Austin, Texas, marked the first show since Dell's $60 billion-plus takeover of data storage giant EMC six weeks ago. In the 11 months between when the deal was first announced and when it closed, both vendors... Read More >

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