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Intel Begins Shipping Xeon Chips With FPGA Accelerators

Posted : 2016-04-13

Combining the Intel server chips with Altera's FPGAs will improve the performance-per-watt of systems running the two by 70 percent, officials say. Read More >


HPE Offers Converged Hybrid System for SMBs

Posted : 2016-04-13

The new ProLiant appliance, which uses Zynstra's virtualization and management software, lets customers run workloads on-premises and in the cloud. Read More >


IBM, Google, Mellanox, Others Unveil OpenPower Wares at Summit

Posted : 2016-04-12

At the initial OpenPower Summit last year, the industry consortium innovating around the open-sourced Power processor architecture had fewer than 20 systems on display on the stage and about 130 members on the roster. At the second annual event last... Read More >


IBM Looks to Make Watson More Humanlike

Posted : 2016-04-09

Big Blue's cognitive computing platform will be better at analyzing everything from the emotion and tone of text to the personality of the writer. Read More >


Nvidia Shows Off Its AI, Deep Learning, VR Capabilities at GTC

Posted : 2016-04-07

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Nvidia for much of its two-plus decades of life made most of its money by manufacturing and selling GPUs for gaming systems. While the bulk of the company's revenues still come from its mainstream graphics technologies, Nvidia... Read More >

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