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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Beta Brings New Features

Posted : 2014-08-12

Although Red Hat already released RHEL 7, RHEL 6.x users can still benefit from new platform features. Read More >


How Smarter Infrastructure Moves Transportation Industry Ahead

Posted : 2014-08-11

Globalization, travel and the distribution of goods and services to every corner of the planet require smarter, faster and more efficient transportation. From business trips and family vacations to the shipment of a product from one place to the... Read More >


AMD Unveils Fast GPU Server Accelerator for HPC

Posted : 2014-08-08

The FirePro S9150 will compete with Nvidia's Tesla K40 at a time when accelerators and co-processors are becoming more prevalent in supercomputers. Read More >


CacheBox Launches New App-Centric Acceleration Product

Posted : 2014-08-06

New-gen software focuses specifically on data movement and application-centric speed performance. Read More >


Dell Server Executive Says ARM Server Market Uncertain

Posted : 2014-08-04

The market is dealing with product delays and more energy-efficient x86 chips from Intel and AMD, Dell server General Manager Forrest Norrod says. Read More >

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