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Attackers Compromise Vulnerable Web Servers to Power DDoS Assaults

Posted : 2014-09-10

Attackers are exploiting flaws in Linux and Windows software to turn poorly-maintained Web servers into denial-of-service engines. Read More >


Intel Sampling Xeon D SoC for Microservers, Networking, Storage

Posted : 2014-09-10

The processor eventually will join two other 64-bit Atom-based SoCs aimed at dense data center environments, a segment also being targeted by ARM. Read More >


Cisco Puts Its New UCS Data Center Solutions on Display

Posted : 2014-09-08

NEW YORK—Cisco Systems has been aggressive in remaking itself from a maker of networking boxes to an enterprise IT solutions and services vendor that touches essentially every area of the data center. That transformation began in earnest in... Read More >


Dell, Lenovo Among OEMs Launching Intel 'Grantley'-Based Servers

Posted : 2014-09-08

HP and Cisco already have unveiled refreshed systems that also bring greater levels of efficiency, performance and flexibility. Read More >


Intel Unveils Xeon E5 'Grantley' for Broad Range of Server Workloads

Posted : 2014-09-08

From enterprise applications and HPC to networking and storage, Intel expects the Xeon E5-2600 v3 chips to expand its data center presence. Read More >

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