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Oracle Hires Donatelli From HP to Run Hardware Business

Posted : 2015-06-21

The ex-HP, ex-EMC veteran will join Oracle executive John Fowler in driving the infrastructure unit as it competes with the likes of IBM and HP. Read More >


Google Gives Glimpse Inside Its Massive Data Center Network

Posted : 2015-06-18

Google's data center network delivers 1-petabit-per-second bandwidth capacity, enough to read scanned contents of Library of Congress in one-tenth of a second. Read More >


30 Percent of Servers Worldwide Sit Idle, Report Says

Posted : 2015-06-15

The 10 million "comatose" servers that deliver no data or services represent $30 billion in wasted infrastructure capital, according to researchers. Read More >


Startup Bitfusion Wants to Speed Up Server Workload Performance

Posted : 2015-06-08

The company offers software that enables applications to better utilize existing infrastructures and accelerators like FPGAs and GPUs. Read More >


HP Readies a Machine Prototype for Next Year

Posted : 2015-06-04

The company is still five years away from having the system ready for market, but developers will be able to get a look at it in 2016. Read More >

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