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Lenovo Unveils Automated System Management Software

Posted : 2015-04-10

The vendor also is growing its enterprise portfolio with two new networking switches and a low-cost interconnect module. Read More >


Intel, Cray Awarded $200 Million to Build Powerful Supercomputer

Posted : 2015-04-10

The DoE wants the vendors to build a system that is five to seven times more powerful than today's supercomputers in a push toward exascale computing. Read More >


Intel's Pursuit of Altera Ends After Price Disagreement

Posted : 2015-04-09

Altera officials reportedly turn down a per-share price of more than $50, though at least one analyst doubts whether the deal is really off. Read More >


Fujitsu Boosts Performance of Its M10 Servers

Posted : 2015-04-08

The vendor said faster SPARC64 X+ chips will help the M10-1 and M10-4 servers, jointly developed with Oracle, increase performance by 30 percent. Read More >


IBM Aims to Give New Generation of Programmers a Career Edge

Posted : 2015-04-01

Demand is growing for a new generation of enterprise computing professionals armed with the expertise to address the mobile, big data and analytics trends. One way to prepare the next generation of computing pros is to train programmers to work with... Read More >

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