How to Make Millions Writing Free Software

Opinion: So long as your program does whatever it's supposed to do, you're at least in the race for financial success, which is reserved for those who go beyond identifying a need. (

So you want to be an open-source millionaire, do you?

Well, first things first. I dont care, I really dont care, how good your technology is. Or, how youve tweaked out a few extra cycles from the flux capacitor. No, so long as your program does whatever its supposed to do, youre at least in the race for financial success.

Youll likely finish an also-ran, mind you, but at least youre in there.

What will really determine if your Linux distribution or your content management system, or whatever, will ever bring you a thin-dime has very, very little to do with your codes goodness.

Right there, I know a lot of you are already getting ticked at me.

Folks, Im on your side. I want to see open-source projects turn your code into gold, but Im telling you like it is, not how youd like it to be, or how you think it should be.

In the real world, success comes to those who can identify a need, and then communicate to would-be buyers how their wonderful program can meet that need.

That only sounds simple. Its anything but.

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