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CryptoExpress5S card

A Close Look at IBM's z13s Mainframe for Secure Hybrid Clouds SLIDESHOW

IBM continues to prove that the mainframe is very much still alive and well, this time by announcing a system that delivers the security of data encryption without slowing down system performance to midsize organizations. The new system, the IBM z13s, is optimized for hybrid cloud environments...
Dell system

Dell Readies Hyperscale-Style Infrastructure for Carriers

The vendor's upcoming DSS 9000 will include compute and storage, built-in networking and shared power and cooling.
Daily Briefing 216B

AT&T to Start Testing 5G Wireless Technology VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: AT&T to begin 5G wireless field trials this year; AMD reportedly readying 32-core 'Zen' server chip; IoT could be used by spies, U.S. intelligence chief says; and there's more.
cloud security

IBM Launches Super-Secure Mainframe for Encrypted Hybrid Clouds

IBM's new z13s encrypts data at twice the speed of prior generations and new security analytics identify malicious behavior based on learned activity.
AMD logo

AMD Reportedly Readying 32-core 'Zen' Server Chip

A presentation during a CERN IT conference indicated that AMD also is preparing an eight-channel DDR4 interface for the processor.
Microsoft Server Management Tools for Windows Server

Microsoft Intros Web-Based Management Tools With Nano Server Support

A beta version of the Server Management Tools for Windows Server includes support for Microsoft's lightweight OS for the cloud.

HPE, SGI Partner on 8-Socket Server for Data-Intensive Workloads

HPE's new Integrity MC990 X system will use SGI's UV interconnect technology to address the growing demand for in-memory processing.
ARM server chips

Linaro to Release Open-Source Software Platform for ARM Servers

The group hopes its reference software platform will help accelerate the adoption of ARM-based systems in the data center to challenge Intel.
Dell CEO

Michael Dell Looks to Ease Worry of VCE Customers

As his $67 billion bid for EMC moves forward, the CEO says that Cisco will remain in VCE's roadmaps for future products.
Cray system

Cray Gets $36 Million to Upgrade Weather Facility Supercomputers

The company this year will deliver new XC40 and XC40-AC supercomputers to the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.
Intel chip

Intel Partners With Chinese Firms on Server Chips

The vendor will work with Tsinghua University and tech firm Montage to create data center offerings that address Chinese security concerns.
Qualcomm chips

Qualcomm to Make Server Chips in China

The company partners with the Guizhou Province to create a joint venture that will design, develop and sell ARM-based data center SoCs.

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