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Enterprise Mobility: iPhone 4 Revealed by Steve Jobs at Apple WWDC

Steve Jobs reveals the Apple iPhone 4, with new antennas, greater display resolution, a larger battery, front and rear-facing 5 megapixel cameras, and an optional iMovie application.

Cloud Computing: Google Keeps Eye on BP Gulf Oil Spill with NASA Images

BP's Gulf oil spill began April 20, but the leak continues, spreading at least 1,000 barrels per day across the ocean, killing birds, fish and other wildlife and ruining maritime business across the coastal areas more

Application Development: Google Chrome Web Store Looks to Entice Developers

One of the other pleasant surprises developers were treated to at Google's I/O developer conference May 19 was the introduction of the Google Chrome Web Store. It's not even in a beta launch, but eventually more

Cloud Computing: 10 Video Games Google Should Offer After Pac-Man

Google's release of a free, playable Google doodle for the classic Pac-Man video game sparked a lot of interest from arcade lovers all over the world. The search engine planned to offer the game for two days, but more

Enterprise Mobility: 10 Products Apple Doesn't Want Consumers to Know About

When it comes to Apple, there aren't many things that scare the company. It knows that it's a top-notch firm in the industry. It also realizes that when it comes to delivering products to consumers, it's among more

Windows & Interoperability: Microsoft Bing Search Engine Marks First Anniversary

Microsoft first introduced Bing, its search-engine answer to Google, on June 1, 2009. Considered a total revamp of Microsoft's then-flagging attempts in the search space, Bing offered its own take on search-engine staples more

Enterprise Mobility: BlackBerry Bold 9650 Solid but Uninspired

Labs Gallery: The BlackBerry Bold 9650 for Sprint delivers what you expect from a BlackBerry, but nothing new. For a closer look at the BlackBerry Bold 9650, check out the slide gallery below and read eWEEK Labs' full review.

Enterprise Mobility: Top 5 Car Leasing Applications for Mobile Phones

Looking to lease a car? Are you trying to get out of a car lease? The sheer number of smartphone applications on the market makes it an impossible task to find just the ones that work best for car leasing. The more

Desktops and Notebooks: How Netbooks Are Fighting Back Against the Tablets

Netbooks-small, light, inexpensive laptops designed for basic business tasks like e-mail and Web browsing