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Linux, Open Source & Ubuntu: Latest Enterprise Linux OS from Red Hat Shines in Server Room Roles

Red Hat Enterprise Linux has long been a trusty go-to operating system option for most server roles, if not in its official Red Hat branded form, then in one of its respun incarnations, such as more

Windows & Interoperability: Microsoft Windows 7 Showcase Lures Lookers with Laptop Hardware

The Microsoft Showcase in San Francisco talked up the Windows 7 operating system running on Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and ASUS hardware. The lineup also included a monster Origin gaming rig that more

IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: ENC Security Encrypt Stick Adds Private Browser to Its Encrypted USB Drives

Encrypt Stick 5.0 adds a Private Browser to ENC Security Systems' USB thumb drive security software, allowing customers to safely browse on an untrusted PC, as well as encrypt both portable and more

Enterprise Mobility: Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung Offer Sub-$100 Smartphones for Holiday Lists

Analysts are expecting holiday spending to rise slightly from 2009 levels, despite high unemployment rates and a wobbly economy, and mobile phone makers are doing their share to fuel that trend. more

IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: MXI Stealth Zone and Stealth Keys Take Secure Computing on the Road Without PC

MXI Stealth Zone uses USB-based computing devices replete with storage and a Bluefly processor—called Stealth Keys—to provide a complete and secure bootable OS (running Windows XP more

IT & Network Infrastructure : HP Is Serious About Software: 25 Reasons Why

By releasing its new Application Lifecycle Management 11 platform at its HP Software Universe 2010 conference in Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 30, Hewlett-Packard made a major statement about its plans to continue to move more

Cloud Computing: Samsung Galaxy Tab Offers Great Web Browsing, App Experience

eWEEK has been playing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, courtesy of Verizon Wireless, for the past two weeks. The No. 1 carrier began selling the Android 2.2-based tablet computer Nov. 11 for $599.99 without a more

IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: Botnet Boon: How Scammers Cash In

There are several well-known botnets, including Kneber, Rustock and Koobface, pushing out spam and malware each day, clogging up inboxes and compromising Websites. For cyber-criminals, botnets are just business tools that help them make more

Enterprise Applications: Microsoft Office 2010 Top 10 Holiday Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Office writer Holly Thomas comes up with a neat list of top 10 holiday tips and tricks users can do with Microsoft Office 2010. In a Microsoft Office blog post, Thomas said: "The holiday season is more

IT & Network Infrastructure : Data Center Renovation: 10 Ways You Know It`s Overdue

Data centers usually are sterile, windowless rooms with good air conditioning, false floors, limited foot traffic and lots of electrical outlets being used on a 24/7 basis. That description would suffice for most more
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