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Desktops and Notebooks: Labs Gallery: The Lenovo T400s Furthers the ThinkPad Line's Workhorse Rep

The ThinkPad T400s is an evolution in a line of workhorse laptops. The new ThinkPad comes in well under 4 pounds and just under an inch thick. The ThinkPad T400s runs cool and comes more

Indexing & Search Engine: Predicting the Next Breakthrough Product for Google

It's no secret Google makes more than 95 percent of its money from the ads paired with its world-leading search engine. While Google is doing a lot of things to stay ahead of Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and others in more

IT & Network Infrastructure : NASA June Space Missions Falter After Successful May

It would be hard to top NASA's May expedition to the Hubble Space Telescope. In June, NASA didn't. Stymied by a mysterious hydrogen gas leak, the space shuttle Endeavour's large-scale construction mission to the more

Desktops and Notebooks: Dell, Toshiba, Gateway and HP Gear Up Laptops for Back to School

Just as department stores whisk us through the holidays, PC makers