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IT & Network Infrastructure : 12 Reasons Why Unix Won't Disappear Any Time Soon (and 3 Reasons It Might)

Oracle's $7.4 acquisition of Sun Microsystems may be raising as many questions as it answered, not the least of which is, what will the software giant do with Sun's extensive server portfolio? more

Virtualization Technology: Labs Gallery: Putting VMware vSphere 4 Host Profiles to the Test

The host profiles feature is one of the most significant additions to the VMware vSphere 4 platform. A host profile can automatically configure network, storage, security and other features on a physical more

Application Development: Labs Gallery: Microsoft Silverlight Expression Blend 3 RC Makes Great Strides in RIA Race

With the recent release of Silverlight 3, Microsoft has continued to move quickly to try and catch up with Adobe Flash (and its AIR and Flex brethren) in the race to be the rich more

Virtualization Technology: Labs Gallery: Citrix XenServer 5.5 Makes Advances in No-Cost Server Virtualization Space

Version 5.5 of the no-cost Citrix XenServer provides improved backup and snapshot capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory. However, while more

Application Development: Labs Gallery: NetBeans 6.7 IDE Provides Inroad to Sun's Project Kenai

The NetBeans 6.7 IDE is fully integrated with Project Kenai, Sun's open-source collaboration site. In this slide show, eWEEK Labs explores a few of the integration features. By Jeff Cogswell

Government IT: Apollo 11: From the Earth to the Moon and into History

For nine days in July 1969, world attention was riveted on three American NASA astronauts - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins - and their Apollo 11 mission to become the first humans to walk on more

Linux, Open Source & Ubuntu: 10 Concerns We Have About Google Chrome OS

The hype over this operating system has been so heavy that failure would be a heavy blow. Google introduced Chrome OS July 7, promising a lightweight, Linux-based operating system for netbooks that will enable speedy more

Enterprise Business Printers: All-in-One Printers That Won't Break the Bank

Despite the popular notion that today's world is largely a digital one, businesses of all sizes still require hard copies of documents on a daily basis. Technologies like touch-screens, automatic double-sided printing and other more

Windows & Interoperability: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Features New Widgets, Apps

Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5, its upcoming operating system for mobile devices, includes a number of improvements designed to compete against the capabilities of Apple's iPhone, the Palm Pre and other smartphones. more

Enterprise Applications: Labs Gallery: A Look at Advanced Search in Xobni Plus

Xobni July 15 rolled out a paid version of its Xobni mailbox search and management tool. Current users of the free Xobni plug-in would do well to ask, Why buy what I can get for free? For a one-time fee more
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