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Enterprise Mobility: Labs Gallery: Apple iPhone 3G S Adds Welcome Speed Boost, Subtle Software Improvements

The iPhone 3G S adds a welcome speed boost when using the device, killing off the periods of lag commonly experienced with older iPhone hardware. On the software side, not much is more

Indexing & Search Engine: Real-Time Search Startups That Deliver What Google, Twitter, Facebook Can't

Real-time search is one of the hottest mini Web trends out there, promising new ways to help users tease out current information they want from the digital information glut. The ability to seek more

Enterprise Mobility: Nokia N97 Smartphone Looks to Challenge iPhone 3G S, Palm Pre

Billed by Nokia as "the world's most advanced mobile computer," the N97 bundles a number of smartphone advances into one compact package, including a touch-screen, a slide-out keyboard, massive amounts more

Enterprise Applications: Labs Gallery: Verizon MiFi 2200 Keeps Users Connected--Anywhere

The Verizon MiFi 2200 is mobile broadband in and Wi-Fi out, for as many as five devices/users.

Desktops and Notebooks: Labs Gallery: The Lenovo T400s Furthers the ThinkPad Line's Workhorse Rep

The ThinkPad T400s is an evolution in a line of workhorse laptops. The new ThinkPad comes in well under 4 pounds and just under an inch thick. The ThinkPad T400s runs cool and comes more

Indexing & Search Engine: Predicting the Next Breakthrough Product for Google

It's no secret Google makes more than 95 percent of its money from the ads paired with its world-leading search engine. While Google is doing a lot of things to stay ahead of Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and others in more

IT & Network Infrastructure : NASA June Space Missions Falter After Successful May

It would be hard to top NASA's May expedition to the Hubble Space Telescope. In June, NASA didn't. Stymied by a mysterious hydrogen gas leak, the space shuttle Endeavour's large-scale construction mission to the more

Desktops and Notebooks: Dell, Toshiba, Gateway and HP Gear Up Laptops for Back to School

Just as department stores whisk us through the holidays, PC makers