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eWEEK Labs Walk-through: Windows Server 2008

A tour through Windows Server 2008 shows the server operating system to be leaner and more secure than ever before.

10 Things You Should Know About Election Tech Trends

How much do cell phone undercounts really matter? Who gets their political pointers on MySpace? And which political candidate has supporters text in their contact info? Some of the answers may surprise you. by Roy Mark 

Best Practices for Buying Laptops

When evaluating a new laptop platform for your organization, keep the following criteria in mind. By Tiffany Maleshefski 

5 Reasons Why Yahoo Should/Shouldnt Take Microsoft Up On Its Offer

Microsoft made waves when it announced it was offering $44.6 billion for Yahoo. A tempting offer if ever there was one, especially since it is much higher than Yahoo is valued at. But there are also some very good reasons why Yahoo should just say no. By eWEEK Staff

The 25 Most Influential People at Microsoft

Among Microsoft's 70,000-plus employees, there are many influential people. Twenty-five is too small a number to capture the best of the best among a large group of creative people. But Microsoft corporate culture also is very staid and more

Super Tech Ads

The Super Bowl has become known as much for the ads that debut during the games as for action on the field. The tech industry has had its share of -

10 Techies in the Shadows

Some of the people on this list are little-known co-founders playing second banana to more famous names. Others have broken new ground or developed much-heralded technologies without winning much fame for themselves. You should know them, and, more importantly, you should know what they do. By Michael Hickins

10 Technologies that Stood Out at Demo

Social search. Unified Communications. Collaboration. Social networking. Demo 2008 is a hotbed for many new technologies. With 77 presenters in two days, the companies and their products can blur together. Here are 10 products that stood out-

10 Things You Should Know About Databases

eWEEK takes a look at the state of the database field and what DBAs can anticipate in 2008.

Is Your IT Job Safe?

The U.S. economy appears to be hovering on the edge of a downturn. Unlike the downturn in 2001, however, this one will not be tech-driven, but rather the result-
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