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Enterprise Networking: 3Com to Take On Cisco in Enterprise Networking

3Com was a major player in the enterprise networking space until about five years ago, when officials decided to focus their attention on smaller and midsize companies. However, during that time, through a more

Messaging & Online Collaboration: Socialtext Enterprise Social Network Ably Leverages Web 2.0 Capabilities

Socialtext takes nearly all of the most talked-about features of Web 2.0 and social networking, including Twitter-style microblogging, traditional blogging and collaborative wikis, and combines them into a SAAS offering that is designed to make these tools attractive for business use. By Jim Rapoza

Messaging & Online Collaboration: Socialcast Is Twitter for the Enterprise

While it can be difficult to identify appropriate uses of Twitter for serious business, many companies do recognize the value of the capabilities the microblogging service provides. Socialcast is essentially a more

Data Storage: 10 Steps Enterprises Can Use to Improve Litigation Readiness

Amazingly, research indicates that the average U.S. company, at any given time, faces more than 300 lawsuits. A company's annual costs to produce documents in the discovery phase are estimated to be $2.5 more

Messaging & Online Collaboration: Huddle Enterprise Social Network Is a Classic Online Collaboration System

For the most part, Huddle is a classic online collaboration system in the same vein as Microsoft Office SharePoint and Basecamp. Huddle does do a good job of providing collaborative workspaces and simple project management capabilities, and has worked to integrate with social networks such as LinkedIn. By Jim Rapoza

Enterprise Mobility: Citrix Receiver for iPhone Makes Windows Apps Mobile

The Citrix Receiver for iPhone uses the Citrix XenApp infrastructure to neatly deliver Windows applications to the small screen. Users of Apple's iPhone can tap the freely available Citrix tool to access data more

Messaging & Online Collaboration: 10 Reasons Craigslist Is in Legal Jeopardy

The popular online classified site Craigslist is under a ton of pressure from law enforcement, state's Attorneys General and public perception that its Website makes it too easy for prostitution, life-threatening more

Desktops and Notebooks: Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops, ThinkCentre PCs Power Tornado Watchers

More than 50 Lenovo Think-brand PCs are headed for tornado alley, powering an $11.9 million tornado field research project by the Center for Severe Weather Research (CSWR). The project will begin more

IT & Network Infrastructure : 50 Years of IBM Mainframe Milestones

IBM has developed the mainframe computer for nearly 50 years despite repeated predictions that the model was outmoded, first by the long-defunct minicomputer and later by desktop computer and microcomputer servers. But the more

IT & Network Infrastructure : The IBM Mainframe: 50 Years of Big Iron Innovation

IBM, long known for its mainframe capabilities, has not given up on the platform. In fact, IBM is working to make the mainframe even better for new workloads that include cloud computing, massive transactions, more
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