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10 Tech Essentials for Emergency Evacuations

When the firestorm erupted in San Diego in October, there was a sickening feeling of d??«j??í vu that descended on local residents. Almost exactly four years ago, similar wind conditions had blown a handful of wildfires into raging torrents of flame, burning

10 Things You Should Know About MS Office Alternatives

There are plenty of great reasons to move to a competing office apps suite, but a successful switch will require substantial (though not prohibitive) preparation.

The Benefits of Not Falling Back

Oh, sure. You can be like all the rest (assuming their systems have been remediated correctly) and fall back this weekend. But what if you don't want Daylight Saving Time to end? Consider the benefits. By Michael Hickins; illustrated by Bri

10 Things You Should Know About SAAS

Software as a service is no longer a fringe service model. Here are some facts about SAAS as it's being implemented today. By Renee Boucher Ferguson

Join eWEEK Labs on a walk-through of Eclipse 3.3.

Join eWEEK Labs on a walk-through of Eclipse 3.3.

10 Technologies for the New Yankees Manager

Joe Girardi was just hired as the new manager of the New York Yankees, in part because he embraces the use of statistics and technology. Here are 10 pieces of technology he can use to help the Yanks recapture baseball's most coveted crown (for the 27th ti

20 Steps to Printer Security

Printers, particularly multi-function printers, are more and more a security concern, partly because of government regulations (for health information, for example) and partly because most companies simply want to keep data private. Printers can compromi

The 13 Scariest Things in IT in 2007

They're hiding in every company. Lurking. Waiting to strike. Will you be the next victim? By Michael Vizard Illustrated by Brian Moore

eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Apple Mac OS X Leopard

Apple's newest Mac OS X revision has hit the streets, boasting an advertised 300 new features. Is the latest big cat out of Cupertino worthy of Mac users' upgrade dollars, and should Windows and Linux users consider migrating? eWEEK Labs reserves its fina

Oracle vs. SAP: Which Will Come Out on Top?

The biggest battle in enterprise software is the one shaping up between Oracle and SAP, as each party looks to gain the competitive edge that will allow it to undo the other. By Michael Vizard
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