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Mobile App Developers Concentrate on User Interface

Posted : 2015-08-26

Aside from mobile, developers are creating applications for Web (87 percent), desktop (62 percent), IoT technologies (22 percent), and wearables. Read More >


Hospital Merger, Acquisition Activity Accelerates

Posted : 2015-08-26

Mergers, acquisitions, and other forms of partnerships continue to be a critical approach to developing the capabilities needed for value-based care. Read More >


Passwords Seen as an Outdated Security Measure

Posted : 2015-08-25

A whopping 84 percent of respondents to a LaunchKey survey support eliminating passwords all together—75 percent said they forget passwords or have to write them down. Read More >


Impetus Unveils Free Versions Of StreamAnalytix Platform

Posted : 2015-08-25

StreamAnalytix is built over an open source stack including Apache Storm, Kafka and Hadoop and embeds an event-processing engine. Read More >


Xerox Acquires Health Assessment Specialist RSA Medical

Posted : 2015-08-25

RSA Medical is a provider of health assessment and risk management for members interacting with health and life insurance companies. Read More >

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