HP Debuts All-in-One Desktop PCs for Consumers, SMBs

As HP looks to spin off its consumer PC business, it unveils a slew of all-in-one PCs aimed at consumers and businesses.

Hewlett-Packard unveiled its largest investment in the all-in-one desktop PC market to date, debuting a portfolio of products for consumers and small and midsize businesses. The space-saving Omni series PCs-comprised of the Omni 120 and the Omni 220--are expected to be available on Sept. 21 and Sept. 11 at a starting price of $399.99 and $799.99, respectively. The PCs are designed to provide ample storage, built-in speakers, high-definition (HD) display and feature HP LinkUp, which lets users link a notebook to the PC using a home network.

Featuring a free standing design, tilt-enabled display and the latest version of TouchSmart software, the 20-inch TouchSmart 320, 21.5-inch TouchSmart 420 and the 23-inch TouchSmart 520 PCs are designed for consumers looking for a multimedia and touch experience. These TouchSmart PCs also feature integrated Beats Audio and LinkUp for enhanced sound and multimedia convenience.

The optional HP Pulse Subwoofer, paired with the TouchSmart 520 or 610, complements Beats Audio and is designed to add depth to music, movies and games. The TouchSmart 320 PC is expected to be available on Oct. 2 at a starting price of $599.99. The TouchSmart 420 and 520 PCs are expected to be available on Sept. 11 at a starting price of $699.99 and $899.99, respectively.

"The popularity of the all-in-one form factor continues to grow, and HP's contribution to this market is significant," said Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's personal systems group. "We continue to expand our portfolio to remain the global leader in Windows-based, all-in-one PCs, introducing innovation that matters to business customers and consumers alike."

Designed for small businesses with demanding workloads looking for a versatile PC, the 20-inch Pro 3420 all-in-one is equipped with integrated Web cams and premium stereo speakers for face-to-face communication with remote employees. The HP Pro 3420 PC is expected to be available in October at a starting price of $599.

In addition, HP's recently announced 8200 Elite All-in-One Business PC, which lists for $974, completes the company's new all-in-one portfolio, delivering MyRoom for connecting and collaborating with business colleagues and security features such as keyed cable lock support and an on board TPM 1.2 embedded security chip.

"HP knows people expect a lot from their technology-from the overall design to the user experience," said Randall Martin, chief design strategist for HP's personal computer global business unit. "That's why HP continues to drive innovation for its all-in-one PCs, which combine a full-featured PC and a high-definition display into an elegant, modern design that complements the user's environment instead of trying to define it."

CEO Leo Apotheker shocked the tech industry when he announced Aug. 18 that the company is looking to spin out its market-leading PC portfolio within the next 18 months to enable it to focus more of its money and time on its higher-margin commercial systems, software and services businesses. HP's Personal Systems Group in the company's third fiscal quarter generated about $9.6 billion in revenues, a 3 percent drop, and generated profits of $567 million, a 21 percent increase.