Google Drive: 10 Reasons to Choose Another Cloud Data Storage Service

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-03-19 Print this article Print

5. The terms of service debacle

When Google combined its many products' terms of service into one, the company said that it would be a good move for all involved. But there are still some users who are quite concerned. After all, the terms of service seemingly made it easier for the transfer of information between Google services. For many users, that's unacceptable—and understandably so.

6. The integration should scare you

Google Drive is fully integrated across all the search giant's cloud services. So if something is saved in Google Docs, users will also find it in their Drive accounts. It's also easy to add files from Gmail to Google Drive. Of course, Google says that the sharing is for convenience. But this level of integration is sure to make some users concerned about the privacy and security of their personal data. It should make users nervous about whether they control access to their private data or whether Google does.

7. Not enough free storage

Google is not offering enough free storage with its Drive service. When signing up, users only get 5GB of free storage. As anyone who has a 1TB hard drive in their computer knows, getting 5GB to fill up doesn't take all that long these days. Where's all of the extra storage, Google? Microsoft, for example, offers 7GB of free storage to start on SkyDrive. Even that extra 2GB matters.

8. The add-on apps aren't so great

Google Drive comes with several add-on apps, like Forms, Drawings and App Scripts, among others, that are designed to enhance the offering. But in truth, those apps really don't work as well as Google would have users believe, and don't add a whole bunch to the experience. That stands in stark contrast to Dropbox, which works with a wide array of high-quality storage applications, like DropItToMe, SendToDropbox and others.

9. The enterprise might not be happy

The corporate world might have some issues with Google Drive. As noted, the offering isn't exactly the most secure service in the wild, given its credentialing issues. In addition, Google Drive's app currently has no support for BlackBerry 10, making it a non-starter for some companies. The enterprise might be turned away by Google Drive.

10. The book is still out on cloud storage

Cloud storage is certainly a hot market in the technology industry. But whether it's as great as the providers would have folks believe is debatable. Cloud storage still comes with its fair share of security concerns and the business models behind them haven't fully been adapted to the users' needs. Until that changes, the book will still be out on cloud storage and thus, Google Drive.

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