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A necessary piece of the on-demand puzzle will come from Striva, of Scotts Valley, Calif., when it rolls out its Detail data integration platform. The software will enable businesses to access, integrate and manage data in real-time as if it were coming from a single source, regardless of where it resides. Detail will extend Information Integrators reach into data sources including IBM IMS, VSAM, IDMS, Datacom and Adabas. It will capture and deliver the data either in bulk form, via change capture or through real-time.

Bulk data capture involves capturing data from a database source, moving it to another database, receiving an SQL request, reading metadata for a given database and converting the request to native calls.

Change capture involves moving only data thats been changed since the last request, or from some specified time. That enables movement of a smaller amount of data, which is still kept synchronized, officials said.

Finally, real-time data capture involves real-time data change and propagation to another database.

IBM DB2 Information Integrator will be available on Tuesday from IBM and authorized resellers, priced at $20,000 per processor and $15,000 per data-source connector.

Detail will also be available on Tuesday. The cost for a bulk adapter license is about $75,000. If change capture is involved, the adapter license costs about $150,000. Real-time integration costs are mips-based, with a starting cost of about $300,000. One adapter can be used to translate and make native calls to all environments.

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