SkyDrive Delivers Solid Cloud Storage Integration With Office 2013

By Jeff Cogswell  |  Posted 2013-02-19 Print this article Print

I regularly burn to DVD and store the DVDs in a fireproof safe offsite. And for non-critical files that really don’t matter if hackers get them, I save them in various locations in the cloud. Now I’m using SkyDrive. Even if Microsoft fixes the bug I mentioned earlier, I will continue to back my files up locally. It’s just good common sense. So if there is a disaster, then it won’t matter. I’ll still have all my files.

A bigger issue is security regarding people gaining access to my files. Again, what I consider my best practice is this: I do not put sensitive data on the cloud. Yes, it’s encrypted, and will probably be safe. But in the unlikely event somebody does access it without authorization, big deal. They’ll find the pre-edited version of my article for eWEEK about SkyDrive, and the raw screenshots. As for my private banking information? Nope. I don’t have that on there, and I won’t be putting it there.

Security problems are a reality, and they aren’t likely to ever go away. But if you expect them, and follow best practices, you can plan accordingly and not have a disaster should a breach occur.


When I first started using SkyDrive, I was reminded of a tool from many years ago on Windows called the Briefcase. I had just bought a laptop computer (a big clunky thing for $2,500 that ran Windows 95). I had a desktop as well, also running Windows 95. I must have spent hours fussing with the Briefcase to try to keep my files synchronized between those two computers. I didn’t have any kind of home network yet and I had to purchase some special cord to connect the computers. Thankfully, SkyDrive is actually nothing like that nightmare I went through. It’s so easy to use; ultimately you just store your files in the SkyDrive folder and then they get backed up to the cloud and can be accessed anywhere.

Now, before I close up this copy of Microsoft Word 2013 with SkyDrive integration, I will first back up the copy of the file to another location. But if I do lose it, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll have to rewrite this article, but my bank accounts will still be safe. And meanwhile, I’m pretty well sold on SkyDrive. I’ll continue using it.


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