Daily Video: FCC to Talk to AT&T About Threats to Halt Fiber Work

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FCC wants to talk to AT&T about threats to halt fiber installations; Cray to evaluate ARM chips in Its supercomputers; Let's Encrypt Effort aims to improve Internet security; and more.

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The FCC is now asking for clarification following AT&T’s announcement that the ongoing debate surrounding net neutrality would prompt the company to suspend its fiber installation investments in 100 cities.

The agency sent a letter to AT&T’s federal regulatory and chief privacy officer on Nov. 14, asking for more information on its plans and work completed to-date.

A separate letter to the company from the FCC, related to its proposed acquisition of DirecTV, also discussed the rollout of fiber to various areas.

Cray is continuing to evaluate the architecture of its systems, now saying it will review ARM-based chips as part of research and development work for the U.S. Department of Energy.

The company said that it’s looking to diversify components in general as part of its Adaptive Supercomputing plan. In the past, Cray has specified Intel chips for its supercomputer designs.

A number of organizations are now looking to join together in an effort to improve web encryption practices as part of the new Let’s Encrypt Initiative announced on Nov. 18.

The group, which includes Mozilla, Cisco, IdenTrust and others, is looking to simplify the process of obtaining a proper Secure Sockets Layer/Transfer Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificate that can be deployed to secure a Web server and its users, rather than self-signed certificates which cannot be authenticated.

Intel is moving to consolidate its corporate structure. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Intel is combining its PC and mobile chip businesses as the lines between the two product lines becomes more and more blurred.

The consolidated business will cover chips for everything from handheld devices to desktops, and will be led by Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's PC Client Group.


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