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VMware AirWatch Launches Unified Endpoint Management

Posted : 2016-10-05

The company also revealed new support for internet of things devices, touchless sensors and enterprise-level smart glasses on the same management platform. . Read More >


What 23,000 Attendees Took Away From VMworld 2016

Posted : 2016-09-01

NEWS ANALYSIS: Perhaps the biggest news at the conference was that IBM Cloud became the first partner to use and help sell VMware's Cross-Cloud Architecture. Read More >


Cisco Gets Into Containers With ContainerX Acquisition

Posted : 2016-08-31

The tech vendor buys the early-stage startup, whose technology makes it easier for enterprises to manage containers across cloud and data centers. Read More >


Why VMware, Pivotal Will Replace Quest as Dell Software

Posted : 2016-08-30

NEWS ANALYSIS: Dell and VMware aren't saying the words, but indicators at VMworld 2016 show that VMware and Pivotal are now, in effect, the new Dell Software. Read More >


Red Hat Rebrands Virtualization Technology in New Release

Posted : 2016-08-29

Red Hat Virtualization 4 launched as the open-source vendor works to remain relevant in a world that VMware dominates. Read More >

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