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Rancher Raises $20M to Expand Its Container Management Efforts

Posted : 2016-05-11

Container management platform vendor Rancher Labs raised new capital to help fund the company's engineering, sales and marketing efforts. Read More >


Virtual Reality Advances on Display at Silicon Valley Expo

Posted : 2016-04-28

The third annual Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo, April 27-29, is the biggest one yet, although much of what’s being shown are works in progress. Read More >


VMware Earnings Indicate There's More Room for Growth

Posted : 2016-04-20

First-quarter net income was $161 million, down from $196 million a year ago. Total revenue was $1.6 billion, which was up 6 percent. Read More >


Container Standardization Efforts Advance With Image Specification

Posted : 2016-04-14

The new container image specification effort gets started at the Open Container Initiative as Docker moves forward with implementing runtime specifications. Read More >


Docker Goes Native for Windows and Mac

Posted : 2016-03-24

Docker Inc. moves away from relying on VirtualBox to take an operating system approach for containers, embracing Apple Xhyve and Microsoft Hyper-V. Read More >

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