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ContainerX Launches Itself, Beta of Container Dev Platform

Posted : 2015-11-16

ContainerX is a unified control environment for all containers allowing support for Linux and Windows, bare metal, virtual machines and clouds. Read More >


VMware Aims to Use Encryption to Secure Virtualization

Posted : 2015-10-14

Network virtualization is a backbone that security can make use of with an approach VMware is referring to as Distributed Network Encryption. Read More >


Docker Hub Expands Container Deployments, Development

Posted : 2015-09-18

The online development project repository for Docker containers apps grows dramatically in the 15 months since Docker Inc. introduced the technology. Read More >


VMworld 2015: Is VMware Trying to Do Too Much, Too Fast?

Posted : 2015-09-08

NEWS ANALYSIS: VMworld 2015 was, more than anything, the year of software-defined data centers, storage and containers. Read More >


Citrix Has Free Kit for Migrating From VMware Horizon to Xen

Posted : 2015-08-31

Free migration service offers a risk-free way to switch to Citrix, which the company says makes for an easier, more intuitive user experience and simplified management. Read More >

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