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Azure Containers

Microsoft Azure Container Registry Preview Arrives Nov. 16

Microsoft is expanding it cloud container management portfolio with the preview release of its private container image repository.

VMware Ushers in Large Number of Product Updates

Support for containers is something for which a great number of VMware enterprise admins around the world have been waiting.
VMware, Kubernetes

VMware Embraces Kubernetes in Container Push

VMware is the latest IT vendor to support Kubernetes, the open-source container management system that Google developed.

CoreOS Expands Kubernetes Control With Redspread Acquisition

The purchase of container management vendor Redspread is the container startup's second acquisition.

VMware Decides to Move Data Center Cloud Over to AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is architected with engineering, operations, support and sales resources from both companies. It will run on dedicated AWS infrastructure.

VMware AirWatch Launches Unified Endpoint Management

The company also revealed new support for internet of things devices, touchless sensors and enterprise-level smart glasses on the same management platform. .

What 23,000 Attendees Took Away From VMworld 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS: Perhaps the biggest news at the conference was that IBM Cloud became the first partner to use and help sell VMware's Cross-Cloud Architecture.

Cisco Gets Into Containers With ContainerX Acquisition

The tech vendor buys the early-stage startup, whose technology makes it easier for enterprises to manage containers across cloud and data centers.

Why VMware, Pivotal Will Replace Quest as Dell Software

NEWS ANALYSIS: Dell and VMware aren't saying the words, but indicators at VMworld 2016 show that VMware and Pivotal are now, in effect, the new Dell Software.
Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat Rebrands Virtualization Technology in New Release

Red Hat Virtualization 4 launched as the open-source vendor works to remain relevant in a world that VMware dominates.

VMware Unveils Cloud Foundation to Run Multiple Clouds

Cynics may say this is simply a new-sounding way for VMware to reconfigure and resell products it has had in the market for years, and it is, to an extent. There is new orchestration.
Microsoft Windows Server, Hyper-V

Microsoft Dangles Free Windows Server 2016 Offer for VMware Shops

Considering Microsoft's Hyper-V? The company is offering free Windows Server 2016 to VMware customers that are pondering a switch.

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