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Virtual storage

Correcting Persistent Myths About Virtual Volumes SLIDESHOW

Containers, virtual machines, virtual disks, virtual volumes—virtual storage in all forms can be complicated to parse as to which is most effective in a particular IT system. We won't try and cover all of them here, but we will examine vSphere Virtual Volume (VVOL) and try and dispel some myths....

Google Cardboard Apps to Explore Basic Virtual Reality SLIDESHOW

If the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo said anything about the future of gaming, it's that virtual reality will increasingly play an important role in that experience. From Facebook's Oculus to Microsoft's HoloLens, a host of wearables were on display at the event, all showcasing what...
Sony Project Morpheus

10 Virtual-Reality Devices Striving to Stand Out in a Crowd SLIDESHOW

Virtual-reality product development is kicking into high gear as yet another device is entering the market. Dubbed StarVR, the device from developer Starbreeze comes with two 5.5-inch quad-HD displays that the company said, will deliver a top gaming experience when customers get a chance. But...

Jenkins All-In With Docker Containers to Enhance DevOps Workflow

CloudBees is leading the Docker integration effort with plug-ins that enable the use of containers as part of a Jenkins continuous integration workflow.
VMware launches Identity Manager

VMware Launches New Identity Manager in Mobility Initiative

Identity Manager is designed to be "consumer simple, enterprise secure," enabling secure enterprise identity management with consumer-grade expectations.
Docker container monitoring

Docker Popularity Spawns Need for Container Monitoring

The Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) program kicks off with the vendor's tool for monitoring. Six vendors have integrated with Docker for monitoring.

VMware Expands EVO:RAIL Compute, Server, Storage Portfolio

Offering expanded storage and compute options on EVO:RAIL will provide higher-capacity platforms so customers can run greater numbers of virtual machines.
Docker security tool

Docker Delivers Security Configuration Checking Tool

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Docker Bench for Security isn't a panacea for container security, but more tools are likely to complement it over time.

What We Know About the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset So Far SLIDESHOW

Oculus VR—the company that started as a crowdfunding idea but which Facebook acquired for $2 billion, even though its premier product is still under development—has scheduled a media briefing in June. At that event, Oculus said it will ask attendees to "step into" its product, the Oculus Rift...
OpenStack catalog Collier

OpenStack Debuts App Catalog, Doubles Down on Containers

OpenStack's catalog provides apps in multiple formats, including Murano packages, Glance images and Heat templates. Now firms can find apps in one place.
Dell thin client for SMBs

Dell Appliance for Wyse­‑Citrix Aims to Bring SMBs into VDI Fold

The new Dell Appliance for Wyse-Citrix is designed for small and midsize businesses that have not used thin clients before because of cost and other concerns.
Interop SDN

Real Products at Interop Prove There's More to SDN Than Just Talk

NEWS ANALYSIS: Once again there was plenty of talk about Software-Defined Networking at Interop 2015. But this year, vendors were actually showing off products that support SDN.

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