Brandi McManus

Brandi McManus is the Global Business Development Manager, Energy at TAC. Over the past nine years, Brandi has worked at TAC to ensure efficient sales operations through strategic planning and proactive leadership, with a focus on training and development of personnel. Brandi is highly skilled in both domestic and international product development and improvements, as well as process creation and implementation. Before entering into her current role at TAC, Brandi held positions as an energy analyst, technical development team leader and solutions manager. She uses her expertise in course creation and instruction by implementing global training programs on solutions, processes and sales. Brandi's role in process creation and improvement helps her to share best practices between Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. Prior to TAC, Brandi worked for Conoco as an environmental engineer, where she gained experience in energy procurement and refining and distribution, focusing heavily on the environmental impact of natural gas production. Brandi earned her Bachelor of Science degree in environmental engineering from University of Oklahoma and her MBA from Southern Methodist University. Brandi is also a Certified Instructional Systems Designer, Certified Energy Manager and Certified Demand Side Manager. She can be reached at [email protected]

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