David Barley

David Barley is Chief Technology Officer at Casdex, Inc. With over nine years of experience in the technology sector, he has a track record of encouraging growth at start-up companies through the development of new products and systems. His areas of expertise include business development, commercializing technology advancements, facilitating operations, and designing and developing key storage infrastructure. At Casdex, he is responsible for spearheading development and implementation of the company's IT systems, while also providing a technical voice in the overall strategic planning for the company. He previously served as the VP of Systems Architecture for TD Waterhouse, Inc., charged with determining the methodologies to be used to develop backup system procedures scaled to meet the growing demands of both the corporate and branch infrastructure of the company. Before that, he was the manager of Mass.-based start-up Storage Networks, a leading provider of data and network storage services. While there, he was instrumental in the expansion of the firm to the Asia Pacific region by providing strategic direction for both product development and marketing plans, ultimately attracting clients such as Yahoo!, Ford Motor Company, Hitachi and Cisco Systems. A resident of San Pedro, California, David attended the University of Chicago, with concentrations in Business and IT. He can be reached at david@casdex.com.

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