Ross Mason

Ross Mason is CTO and Co-founder of MuleSource. Prior to founding MuleSource, Ross was Chief Executive Officer of SymphonySoft Limited, a EU-based company providing services and support for large-scale integration projects. Previously, Ross was Lead Architect for RaboBank and played a key role in developing one of the first large-scale ESB implementations in 2002. Ross has also worked with NatWest Bank, Credit Suisse and UBS. Ross founded the open source Mule project in 2003. Frustrated by integration "donkey work," Ross set out to create a new platform that emphasized ease of development and reuse of components. He started the Mule project to bring a modern approach, one of assembly rather than repetitive coding, to developers worldwide. Ross holds a BS (Hons) in Computer Science from University of Bristol in Bristol, UK. He can be reached at [email protected]

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