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Analysts on the New Pixel Smartphones

Mark Hung, an analyst with Gartner, told eWEEK that his biggest surprise about the new Pixel phones is that Google "was only able to land Verizon as a carrier distributor. While the end of phone subsidies have lessened the importance of carrier distribution, they're still an important channel to reach the consumer base."

At the same time, Google is going up against some tough competition in the marketplace with its new phones, added Hung. "While the improved camera and unlimited storage for uncompressed 4K videos and photos will be an attraction to some people, by themselves they won't be able to take significant share away from either Apple or Samsung, especially given the carrier distribution limitation."

Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw Research, said the new handsets are a step up from Google's previous Nexus phone offerings, but could face challenges in the market.

"The Pixel phones are clearly being positioned as peers to the iPhone, which the Nexus devices never were—even the pricing is identical," Dawson said. "And yet in most respects Pixel won't be any better than most other Android smartphones out there—rounded icons and faster software updates won't be enough to offset the premium pricing, narrow carrier distribution, and consumers' familiarity with Samsung and other existing vendors. Google is still fighting an uphill battle when it comes to mainstream adoption of its hardware beyond Chromecast, and there's little here to suggest that this will change anytime soon."