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Android: Licensing Software So You Don't Have To

Google's mobile applications platform could cut red tape on application development.

Could Google's Android Be the Cell Phone Savior?

Opinion: Critics have been hard on Google's smart phone consortium. What they don't see is the sorry state of the cell phone market.

Pundits Weigh in on Android and the gPhone

Will Google's open-source software stack unite developers or will the OHA turn out to be just another knitting circle? (

Does Android Dream of Domination?

Google's cell phone play gives rise to speculative science and fiction.

Google Programs Android as Next Mobile Operating System

Google will make a software developer kit for Android available within a week to allow programmers to begin testing.

Analysts: Google Android Faces an Uphill Adoption Battle

Analysts decry the lack of support for Google's mobile platform from AT&T, Verizon, Nokia and others.

The Other Trends to Watch

What's up for next year? In a time of great uncertainty-from the presidential election to the bumpy economic warnings-there is nervousness in the tech industry and beyond.

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