10 Apple Hardware, Software Products That Need Improvements

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple’s products are nearly universally beloved. The fact that millions of people buy and love Apple’s products doesn’t mean that they anywhere near the best that they could be.

Apple’s hardware and software deliver what some believe, are the best experiences available in the technology space. From their expert designs to their simplified feel, they are in many ways impressive. As Apple and its loyal fans would have everyone believe we would not get such a commitment to quality from any other smartphone or computer manufacturer.

But perhaps that’s not always the case. Apple’s products are undoubtedly popular and go a long way in enriching the average person computing experience. But they don’t come without flaws. In far too many cases, Apple is offering up products that fall short for one reason or another.

Apple’s products might be winners in the marketplace, but finding where they’re losers isn’t nearly as difficult as the company would have its customers believe. Even Apple’s latest launch, the iPhone 5, isn’t without its flaws.

Here are some of the problems that Apple needs to fix in its products sooner rather than later.

1. iOS 6: Maps application is a nightmare

If you haven’t used Maps in iOS 6 yet, you’re not missing much. The application comes with a host of troubles, including poor design, incomplete maps and major errors that have caused some users to wish for the old days of Google Maps integration in iOS. Apple’s Maps is a nightmare to use and needs to rapidly improve to gain any credibility with users.

2. Mountain Lion: The Security nonsense is getting old

With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has once again made users believe that they can do practically anything they want in the operating system and not worry about security. That’s plain nonsense. Apple’s OS X is just as susceptible to trouble as Windows. And for Apple to continue to ignore the security question is a real issue.

3. iCloud: Too Little Storage

iCloud might just be one of the most incomplete products Apple has ever launched. But its biggest issue is storage. Apple offers just 5GB of storage for free, which is quickly used up. Beyond that, users are required to pay to get more space. Considering that so many other cloud storage services out there, including Google Drive and Dropbox, offer more storage capacity, why should anyone want to play nice with Apple and iCloud?

4. Mac Pro: Where’s the new one?

Apple’s Mac Pro is perhaps the biggest mystery in the company’s entire product line. The current Mac Pro has been gathering dust on store shelves for more two years now, and so far, Apple hasn’t shown any indication it will update the computer to rescue it from obsolescence. Let’s hope that situation changes soon.

5. iPhone 5: More storage, please

Apple’s iPhone 5 is a great product that comes with many of the features fans have been requesting for years. But by limiting the iPhone 5’s storage capacity to just 64GB, Apple is only adding to customers’ frustration. Today’s consumers and enterprise users need 128GB of storage or more. When will Apple see that?

6. New iPad: A short battery life

Apple’s New iPad suffers from a relatively short battery life. Of course, Apple and its fans say that the device’s 10 hours of Web surfing over Wi-Fi is just fine. But anyone who has used the device for an entire day at work knows it’s not fine and charging is often required in the middle of the day. Apple needs to improve its iPad’s battery sooner rather than later.

7. MacBook Air: Where’s the 15-inch model?

For some reason, Apple has stuck to an 11- and 13-inch version for the MacBook Air. However, many customers have been hoping for a 15-inch model that comes with the slim design offered in Apple’s smaller Mac. Here’s hoping Apple hears those calls for a bigger MacBook Air next year when the computer will be updated.

8. MacBook Pro: Retina display for all

Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display is an absolute marvel in today’s hotly contested notebook market. But wouldn’t it have been nice if Apple brought the high-quality screen to all of its MacBook Pros? The Retina display and all of its visual glory should be running on every Mac Apple sells.

9. iPods: Start making us care

Apple’s iPod sales are on the decline. And although that’s likely due to cannibalization at the hands of the iPhone, it’s also that Apple because it seems that the company no longer cares for the devices that helped rescue the company from impending extinction. The company updates the iPods every year with nominal upgrades and expects consumers to care. With the iPhone as an alternative, we don’t.

10. Apple TV: A frustrating hobby project

The Apple TV is awfully frustrating. The device, which costs $99 and lets customers stream media to other devices, lacks onboard storage and doesn’t come with apps. For $99, users are really only getting a streaming box. It’s unfortunate. And it’s about time Apple changes that.

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