Tech Tracker Software Offers Mac Updates Database

VersionTracker Pro 4.2 offers a central database for Mac updates as well as peer feedback.

TechTracker, a Portland, Ore-based software maker, announced Sept. 25 that it has begun offering a new update of its VersionTracker software for Apple Computers Macintosh platform.

Like previous versions of the software, VersionTracker Pro 4.2 will provide a central database of updates for Mac users as well as peer feedback. The desktop application scans local, external and networked drives and maps all of the existing applications and updates.

The software also checks a users software inventory against the community database on its Web site.

"This database is updated regularly with developer submissions and comments from the ever-growing VersionTracker community, enabling Mac professionals to make informed decisions based on other community members experience," TechTracker officials said in a statement.

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The newer version offers filter updates by Mac operating system compatibility; scanning of Unix volumes; enhanced support for external drives and partitions; and universal applications that run natively on both the older Power PC line and the newer Intel-based Macs.

The download of the new VersionTracker is available immediately. Pricing starts at $49.95 for a three-license version and $79.95 for a 10-licence version.

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