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Metrowerks Offers $99 Tools for Mac OS X

Targeted at novice programmers, the new application development tools suite sells initially for $99.

Apple Unveils New Laptops, Mac Browser

CEO Steve Jobs kicked off this week's Macworld Expo by rolling out a new Mac browser and presentation package as well as a raft of new and enhanced consumer multimedia apps.

4D, FMS Development Tools Aid Mac OS X, Access Shops

New tools from 4D and FMS will aid developers who use Apple's Mac OS X and Microsoft's Access extensively.

Mac Tablet: Ready for Expo?

While wireless and software announcements are a given from Apple this week, Mac hardware updates will wait a month or two. But is that a multimedia slate behind Door No. 3?

Mac OS New Years Prospects

En route to Macworld Expo, the Mac community is talking about a couple of Apple announcements