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Cloudian Ups the Ante in Object Storage-based NAS

Company claims that this is the first object storage package to combine a full enterprise-class NAS feature set and scale-out performance--all inside the data center.
AI for Ocean Research

ONNX Open-Source AI Interoperability Format Is 'Production-Ready'

After gaining support from other IT heavyweights, including AWS, the ONNX AI framework interoperability format is ready to get to work.

Virtual Instruments Monitors Infrastructure Though Application Eyes

The new version of Virtual Instruments infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform may signal the beginning of an app-centric IPM era.

IT Science Case Study: How Deutsche Börse Tamed Data Prep Costs

German company gets help for data ingestion, cleansing and preparation to allow its data science team to more efficiently spend its time on generating insights and analytics rather than formatting tables.

Predictions 2018: Why Blockchain is Ready to Break Out in the Enterprise

Blockchain is here and now, and it will continue to gain traction as it provides transparency to the supply chain–especially in complex supply chain industries, such as the automotive and retail industries.

Eight Ways AI Will Transform Sales Strategies in 2018 SLIDESHOW

More and more businesses are embracing artificial intelligence to reach—and even exceed—their sales goals. Here's how.
MapR Technologies

MapR Speeds Up Secure BI/Analytics for Operational Data

New Apache Drill 1.11 query engine natively integrates with MapR-DB to provide analytics performance improvements for self-service business intelligence.

Predictions 2018: How AI, Machine Learning Will Impact Us

At 2018 knocks on our doors, we present some ideas from various industry executives about what impact they believe AI and machine learning will be making on the IT business and our lives in general.

IT Science Case Study: How Certuss Cooled Costs in Steam Generators

Certuss makes steam generators that are used in a large number of industries, including automotive and construction, food and beverages, health and pharmaceuticals and service and hospitality. The company wanted to drill down on operations.

Toshiba Increases Speed, Doubles Capacity in New NVMe SSDs

New SSD client offers 2TBs of capacity and faster speeds for workstation, enthusiast and high-end PC/notebook applications.
Data Storage

Webinar December 5th: How Real-World Numbers Make the Case for SSDs in the Data Center

Please join us for practical advice on how your organization can gather real data to help modernize its data center and address raging demands for speed, performance, and capacity.

Confluent Cloud Uses Apache Kafka for Streaming Data as a Service

The original creators of Apache Kafka are putting into action the company's expertise gained from managing large streaming environments.

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