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The Good News and Bad News of Getting a Google Glass Invite

The good news was getting one of the invites to purchase a pair of Google Glasses. The bad news was not willing to pay $1,500 for a product that is still in development.

Since Google Glass first began being distributed to early Glass "Explorers" in April 2013, I've wanted to try one personally to see how it works and explore its possibilities. Of course, that was impossible unless you had some luck being selected in one of the rounds of invites and contests that Google announced as it built up its early Glass user group.

That's all changed today on April 15, as Google holds its first "anyone can get Google Glass today and today only" day. Announced on April 10, the special one-day event allows virtually anyone to buy a Glass device as long as they pay $1,500 plus taxes and belly up to the online store on this particular day.

I signed up to be notified last week, and the good news is that today a lovely invite appeared in my email inbox, telling me I could certainly be among the next generation of Glass users, if only I fill out my device preferences, choose my Glass colors, add any accessories and enter my purchase information through Google Wallet.

After going through the excitement of configuring my own Glass device, clicking the intriguing boxes and making my choices, I stopped in my tracks.

That's because the bad news is that as cool as Glass might be, that's a lot of cash to spend for something so nonessential.

Yes, I'd love to try Glass, but at this point, they are still in development and still not a finished product, which makes spending that much money even more intimidating.

I've spent $1,500 before for a used motorcycle and for a digital camera with accessories and lenses, but both of those things are useful devices that have long-term value and potential, as well as some resale value.

So in the end, I'm not a Glass buyer today. I am a Glass believer, at least in the concept of the device and how it could potentially be a useful tool for people, but I still think there are lots of questions about privacy and about how wearers will use them in not-so-hospitable ways in public.

There have already been bars and restaurants that have banned Glass wearing in their establishments, as well as reports about several people being physically attacked while wearing Glass, though those reports have been somewhat sketchy.

I wish I could pull the Glass-ordering trigger just to experience the rush of this nascent technology, but I think I'll wait a bit longer to see what shakes out.

So what did you do on "buy-your-own-Glass day"? Did you make the plunge or avoid the rush? Share your story, and I'll write about what others did with their Glass opportunities that came on April 15.

We're all ears.