Adeptol, Santa Clara, Calif.

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Adeptol, Santa Clara, Calif.

The company's flagship product, Server Based Document Viewer, uses AJAX and Adobe Flash technology to create fast renderings of documents on the fly and includes a unique set of capabilities to render, enrich and dynamically deliver content. On top of this platform, customers and partners have built information access and delivery solutions used by various industries, publishers, government agencies and other large enterprises to accelerate the viewing of documents.

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<a href= target=_blank>BoardSuite</a>, Toronto

BoardSuite provides a freemium, SAAS-based software to manage real-time access to corporate documents, collaboration tools and a marketplace of business services from a single point of entry within a secure, hosted application, resulting in transparent corporate governance.

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<a href= target=_blank>ChinaNetCloud</a>, Shanghai, China

ChinaNetCloud provides server management and cloud computing management and consultation and runs hundreds of mission-critical servers for about 100 Chinese Internet and game companies. The company is privately held, with a team of 40 system experts and support staff in Shanghai and Beijing.

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<a href= target=_blank>doxo</a>, Seattle

doxo is a free-of-charge cloud service that aggregates household bill paying and makes it paper-free. It actually does a lot more than just that.

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<a href= target=_blank>ERPLY</a>, Tallinn, Estonia

ERPLY is a tool for managing retail operations—a multifunctional program to alleviate busy paper work and streamline operations. It features a customizable, easy-to-navigate interface.

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<a href= target=_blank></a>, San Francisco

This free-of-charge online business suite for SMBs and home business users includes online accounting, inventory, CRM and invoicing. It is fully integrated with Google Apps, Gmail and Google Calendar.

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<a href= target=_blank>Nolio</a>, Hasharon, Israel

Nolio helps users release and manage applications across a data center with its automation solutions for application-centric IT. It recently released Nolio ASAP 3.1 for IBM WebSphere.

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<a href= target=_blank>nPario</a>, Palo Alto, Calif.

nPario Segment Explorer is a self-service business intelligence application, defining and managing collections of consumers based on evolving criteria, such as online behavior, keyword searches and demographic characteristics. Segments can be defined based on business objectives and profiled for shared characteristics or patterns, providing the foundation for additional targeting and optimization.

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<a href= target=_blank>PiCloud</a>, San Francisco

PiCloud has a cloud development platform that provides a transparent, automated system for provisioning software and algorithms across the cloud in a scalable way. There are no minimum fees and no server costs. PiCLoud charges users for the exact time their functions take to run down to the millisecond.

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<a href= target=_blank>Pixetell</a>, Portland, Ore.

Pixetell's visual communication and collaboration software empowers users to increase the effectiveness and clarity of their communications. Pixetell makes on-demand screen recorder software that enables users to add voice, screen recordings and Webcam views to email and electronic documents.

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<a href= target=_blank>Plimus</a>, Milpitas, Calif.

Plimus provides a modular e-commerce sales platform that can be configured to adapt to specific needs and business flows of any size business. It can be used to buy and sell digital goods from anywhere in the world.

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<a href= target=_blank>Producteev</a>, New York City

This online service finds your most important emails and tasks in real time (as per your policy) and forwards them to a cloud-based location. It creates to-do lists on the fly and sends alerts when needed. It helps manage your tasks from s-mail, IM, Web, iPhone, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.

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<a href= target=_blank>SendGrid</a>, Boulder, Colo.

This cloud-based service solves the problem of legitimate emails not getting to the correct receiver. It delivers emails on behalf of companies, replacing an outbound email infrastructure with one that works.

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<a href= target=_blank>v-Pitch</a>, Mountain View, Calif.

v-Pitch is an interactive sales presentation service that users can deliver to an entire potential market. Each v-Pitch can be personalized, giving all leads a sense of personal attention, while at the same time delivering a consistent sales message.

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<a href= target=_blank>Yerbabuena Software</a>, Malaga, Spain

Yerbabuena provides a number of document-management software products for office, mobile, workflows, digital signatures, OCR (optical character recognition) scanning and other uses.

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<a href= target=_blank>Zendesk</a>, San Francisco

This cloud-based, customizable help desk software comes with a ticket support system and a self-service customer-support platform.

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