ATandT Synaptic Compute as a Service Boasts VMware Features

The service allows users to provision and scale compute resources and shift workloads between their private clouds and AT&T’s network-based cloud.

Network operator AT&T announced the release of Synaptic Compute as a Service with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service, an enterprise-class cloud service combining technologies from AT&T€™s virtual private networking (VPN) specialists and cloud infrastructure software industry provider VMware.

The Synaptic Compute as a Service platform allows VMware€™s customers to extend their private clouds across and into AT&T€™s network-based cloud using AT&T€™s VPN service. Users can provision and scale compute resources and shift workloads between their private clouds and AT&T€™s network-based cloud.

Like AT&T€™s other cloud offers, the cloud capability is embedded directly into the company€™s network, which allows compute and storage services to be scaled, managed, routed and delivered to a fixed or mobile device. It is available immediately in the U.S., with global availability expected by year-end 2012, according to an AT&T statement.

Concur, a cloud provider of integrated travel and expense-management solutions, uses Synaptic Compute as a Service for its disaster recovery capabilities. The company, which has virtualized almost 80 percent of its IT environment over the last three years with VMware cloud infrastructure software, said it expects Synaptic Compute as a Service to allow it rapid access to compute capability in the event of an outage in its primary network.

€œWe see the combination of AT&T€™s VPN-based cloud service with VMware€™s virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies as an optimum pairing that will speed our ability to shift computing workloads between private and public clouds efficiently and effectively,€ said Stephen deRham, senior vice president of research and development at Concur Technologies.

The platform also supports bursting, data center extensions, disaster recovery, and mobile application development and deployment. €œOur new cloud offer with VMware can help customers simplify the way they orchestrate their cloud resources between private and public clouds, allowing them to have the best of both worlds,€ said John Potter, vice president of As a Service Solutions for AT&T Business Solutions.

The offer is a new version of Synaptic Compute as a Service. AT&T has achieved certification according to VMware€™s standards for its vCloud Datacenter Service program, which was created to ensure globally consistent cloud computing infrastructure services. AT&T€™s portfolio of cloud services also includes Synaptic Storage as a Service and Synaptic Hosting.

€œAT&T€™s participation in the VMware vCloud Datacenter Services program creates a new cloud offer for our customers that harnesses the security, performance and reliability of AT&T€™s network-based cloud with the industry-leading VMware vCloud platform that is the standard data center environment for our enterprise customers,€ said Dan Chu, vice president of cloud infrastructure and services at VMware.

Synaptic Compute as a Service also signals AT&T€™s most recent advance in the execution of its strategy to deliver cloud services that meet the needs of a variety of users, including large and medium enterprises, developers and Internet-centric businesses. This service is complemented by a series of cloud offers announced by the company over the last three months, including unified communications services, Cloud Architect and platform as a service.