Cloud Music

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Cloud Music

Amazons new cloud-based service allows customers to upload their music to the online retailers Cloud Drive and play songs via a Cloud Player. Amazon is also offering 5GB of free storage for their music on Cloud Drive.

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After signing into your Amazon account, the Cloud Drive asks you to select files to upload.

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Finding Music

Pulling music from a hard drive (including iTunes) is an easy click-through process. All songs tested were DRM-free.

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The Crawl

Uploading 250MB of music took more than an hour on a cable broadband connection.

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Amazon is offering to upgrade users 5GB of free space to 20GB for a year if they purchase an Amazon MP3 album. Songs purchased from Amazon MP3 are stored in Cloud Drive without counting toward the users overall storage total.

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Extra Space

In addition to music, Cloud Drive customers can also store photos, videos and documents. Fees start at $20 per year for 20GB of space, rising to $1,000 per year for 1,000GB.

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Cloud Drive features include the ability to search through your music collection for songs.

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Fee Structure

Amazons fee structure for cloud storage. The top option includes 1,000GB for $1,000 per year.

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Previously Purchased

Songs previously purchased through Amazons MP3 store do not appear automatically on the Cloud Drive after your first sign-in.??í

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Amazons Cloud Player supports the Web and Android, but??íthere is no native application for Apples iOS franchise. Nor does the cloud player support RIMs BlackBerry or Palm.

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All Stripped Down

The Cloud Players interface is notably stripped down. In an interesting twist, Amazon seems to make an effort to find cover art for all uploaded songs.

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