Google Art Project Showcases Galleries in the Cloud

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Google Art Project Showcases Galleries in the Cloud

by Clint Boulton

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The Google Art Project home page features a menu of art galleries whose works are featured in the Website.

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Pics in Gigapixel

Each of the 17 museums participating in Google Art Project selected a single work to be photographed in "extraordinary detail using super high resolution or 'gigapixel' photo-capturing technology," explained Sood. Each of these images comprises 7 billion pixels, or roughly 1,000 times more detailed than pictures taken by the average digital camera. See, for example, Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" in high-res here from MoMA.

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Microscope View

Users may view photos using the Picasa microscope view slider tool can zoom in and out of a picture. See "The Starry Night" up close here, noting the red arrow pointing out the microscope slider.

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When you click on the "I" icon above image, a panel pops up with information about the artwork, artist, related works, as well as YouTube videos about the work. For this work, "The Death of Saint Peter Martyr" in the National Gallery, we can see the art type, dimensions and other factoids.

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Street View Trolley

We mentioned earlier that Street View played a role and indeed it did. Googlers built a Street View "trolley" to rove the halls of each gallery, shooting 360-degree images of art in 385 museum rooms. Check out the floor in the Tate Britain in London. eWEEK once visited this museum in 1996. It's like walking the halls all over again.

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Floor Plans

One can even navigate floor plans to boost their virtual tour of a museum.

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Have an artist whose works you're dying to peruse in a certain gallery? You can do a Google search from within each museum page.

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Users can also build their own personal art collection, as noted here.

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To do this, users must sign in with their Google account to begin "collecting" works in Google's cloud.

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Google offers the following videos to provide a tour of the Google Art Project.

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