Google Encourages Android Developers to Build Games Apps for Tablets - Page 2

The Android tablet ecosystem has come a long way, with more than 70 million activations of Android tablets so far, with more than one in two tablets sold today running Android, wrote Kochikar. "We're starting to see with Android tablets what could be the hockey-stick growth all of us experienced a couple of years ago with Android smartphones, and we hope that the new Nexus 7 continues to fuel this growth even further."

With that in mind, wrote Kochikar, Android developers should be aware of all the new apps that top developers have been building for Android tablets and their users, including content providers such as The New York Times, Zappos, Evernote, Flipboard, Pinterest and others. "To help users find your tablet-designed apps more easily on Google Play, you can now choose to only see apps designed for tablets in the top lists. There are also over 50 new collections, which highlight outstanding tablet apps."

When building their apps, developers should be sure that the programs adhere to the tablet app quality checklist that Google released in October 2012 as a way to help them build better apps that display properly on users' devices, wrote Kochikar. The checklist has been updated to give developers more tips and information on how to achieve better app performance and optimization on tablets and increased sales of those apps.

"It details all of the key things you need to do to optimize your app for tablets, like taking advantage of the extra screen real estate and adjusting font sizes and touch targets, to things you can do on the distribution side, like declaring support for tablet screens and showcasing your tablet UI on Google Play by uploading tablet-specific screenshots," he wrote. "Optimizing your app for Android tablets will unlock a whole new group of users, like those who are about to receive their new Nexus 7 tablets."

In April, Google's Play store gained new capabilities that allow app developers to better showcase their new apps when consumers search for them using their mobile devices in the app-filled store. App developers can now upload screen shots of their apps running on 7-inch and 10-inch tablets so consumers can see what those apps will look like on their similar devices, which Google and the developers hope will continue to spur even more sales of innovative and useful apps in the store.