IBM Aims MobileFirst Foundation at the Cloud - Page 2

"With Live Updates you can make instant changes to Live Update-enabled applications," Gilfix said. "Our API tools mean you should be able to create APIs in days and go and quickly scale those. And using the cloud means you're not stuck waiting for IT to provision your environments and go and set up infrastructure. So add all those things up and it amounts to a tremendous time and cost savings."

IBM's MobileFirst move comes a week after the company announced new programs and tools to for developers working with cloud and emerging technologies, such as cognitive and the Internet of things (IoT). These initiatives include collaborations with Coursera and GitHub, which aim to reach millions of developers globally.

IBM announced the programs at its IBM DeveloperConnect event in Bangalore, India. At the event, IBM announced developerWorks Career Concierge, a cognitive learning tool that delivers personalized resources to developers. IBM also announced the availability of GitHub Enterprise on Bluemix Dedicated, a coding platform delivered as a managed service.

IBM also launched new cloud tools for the Swift programming language and its Watson cognitive computing environment designed for mobile development and cognitive apps. These new tools complement IBM's collaboration with Coursera to strengthen developers' skills in India, with new courses focused on cloud and IoT.

Those initiatives in India build on the investments IBM has already made in the country, including the IBM Cloud data center in Chennai, which opened in 2015.

According to Evans Data, the total worldwide developer population will exceed 25 million by 2020, with India expected to become the world's largest developer ecosystem by 2018. Evans Data said Indian developers already are embracing cloud and emerging technologies, including cognitive computing, faster than their global peers.

"The world will be rewritten in code and it will be done right here in India," said Vanitha Narayanan, managing director of IBM India Private Limited, in a statement. "Developers are an integral part of a new India that is underpinned by digital transformation, and IBM's leading capabilities in Watson, IoT, cloud, mobile and blockchain will help developers innovate and succeed. At IBM, we are committed to investing in this ecosystem and will continue to partner with developers for a progressive India."