Newvem Announces Usage Analytics for Amazon S3

The company’s cloud analytics platform helps businesses devise how to best use Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service through metrics and data visibility.

Newvem, which provides cloud analytics to Amazon Web Services customers, announced the launch of the latest edition to its suite of cloud analytics services and products, specifically focused on Amazon's Simple Storage Services, a platform that provides a Web-services interface used to store and retrieve data. The analytics Web application is designed to enable CIOs, IT managers, developers and other cloud users to make informed and strategic management and storage decisions regarding S3.

The application gives users a view into all of the user's Amazon S3 buckets, including total cost, size and volume of stored objects, as well as an object-level analysis of a bucket's composition that provides a profile of bucket-stored objects, including distribution by type, age and utilization impact. In addition, the app offers drilled-down bucket information providing visibility on the types of objects and their impact on bucket composition.

"Our vision is to not only give AWS users amplified visibility into their cloud usage but also to help them make the right storage decision with the optimal impact on cost and availability," Zev Laderman, co-founder and CEO of Newvem, said in a prepared statement. "With Newvem's unique AWS insight, users can make educated decisions when defining their storage policies and weigh the whole range of Amazon S3 features as well as other AWS services like Amazon Glacier. This results in more effective and efficient use of the cloud and their overall investment."

The analytics also help organizations decide whether they should archive S3 objects with Amazon Glacier, a low-cost storage service that provides secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup, the most adequate S3 configuration to support their storage policy, and which S3 features are relevant for their usage, like Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS), Versioning and Object Expiration.

"A sizeable portion of our AWS usage is on Amazon S3 storage. Since Amazon S3 is so quick and easy to adopt, staying on top of consumption can be a real challenge amid a growing pool of data," Chemi Katz, vice president of technical operations at online media verification specialist DoubleVerify, said in a press release. "Newvem's deeper visibility and cost-saving recommendations will be very helpful for us to use Amazon S3 efficiently. With Newvem, we can simplify Amazon S3 management and ensure that we're being smart about our usage and controlling costs."

The launch of analytics platform follows Newvem’s August release of its Reserved Instances Decision Tool, which is designed to help AWS customers improve their AWS procurement decision on which On-Demand Instances should be moved to Reserved Instances. It also tracks how efficiently Reserved Instances are used and recommends when an underutilized Reserved Instance should be sold on AWS' Reserved Instance marketplace.

"In reality, it's not just about volume, but how the file type affects your overall storage," Ilan Naslavsky, chief technology officer and co-founder of Newvem, said in a prepared statement. "In other words, five HD video files stored in Amazon S3 could cost much more than thousands of smaller text files. We reveal this and offer AWS alternatives for our customers to make the right storage decision."