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"What really matters to users are the capabilities that are present in every product that is calling itself OpenStack," Collier said.

The Defcore effort is now working on the required list of capabilities as well as the tests that will be used to determine and evaluate compliance, according to Collier. Only those products and deployments that pass the test will then be allowed to use the term "OpenStack."

At this stage, the OpenStack Foundation is not talking about a formal certification program for compliance. Collier said that the role of the Foundation is about providing information and transparency such that users can make informed decisions.

From a cloud interoperability and mobility perspective, the fact that a pair of cloud deployments are both OpenStack doesn't necessarily mean that a user will have fully automated workload mobility. Currently, the way that an organization can easily move a workload from one OpenStack cloud to another is by way of the OpenStack Glance image service. With Glance, the user can take a snapshot of the workload and then load that image onto another OpenStack cloud. Currently within OpenStack there is no vMotion-type capability similar to what VMware offers for data center server virtualization. With VMware vMotion running, workloads can seamlessly move from one server to another.


One thing that won't change as OpenStack continues to evolve its process is there won't be some form of "benevolent dictator" who sits at the top of the OpenStack community making decisions for all. Bryce noted that OpenStack today has a system of clear accountability and encourages feedback throughout its efforts.

"I would say that we have not seen a lack of leadership in OpenStack or a lack of direction," Bryce said."What we want to fix in 2014 is to improve the way all the different pieces of the OpenStack community work and interact together."

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Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner

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