Salesforce Pardot Platform Brings Together B2B Marketing, Sales Data - Page 2

The Engagement Studio service—what Salesforce officials call the "nerve center for intelligent sales and marketing"—offers capabilities that make it easier for marketing and sales teams to connect with prospects by giving them a deeper understanding of the actions possible customers are taking as they make their decisions. Engagement Studio enables marketers to leverage real-time data regarding customer behavior along with prospect sales data from their customer relationship management (CRM) system to react to steps the prospect is taking. The service keeps tabs on more than 100 metrics to help sales and marketing professionals map out the best path for engaging a prospective buyer, and to adapt as the buyer moves along the decision-making process.

Engagement Studio also gives the teams real-time data to determine what's working and what needs to change, and to evaluate post-campaign how the effort went.

The Sales Cloud Engage service gives sales reps better access to marketing content and insights to enable them to more easily develop effective marketing campaigns. Currently, much of the marketing data is inaccessible to the sales rep, which Salesforce officials said leads to ineffective campaigns that can cost businesses prospective buyers. Through the service, the sales rep can more easily leverage the marketing data to keep better engaged with the possible customer throughout the buying process.

Enabling marketers and sales reps to better work together is becoming increasingly important, according to Jody Kohner, vice president of employee marketing and engagement at Salesforce. Speaking during the event about the company's Customer Success Platform, Kohner said "the lines between sales and services and marketing are blurring." All of these people are interacting with the customer, so "more than ever before, you need to have one view of the customer."

The new services fit into that idea of developing a closer relationship with the customer, and with giving sales reps, marketers and service agents the data they need when they need it to ensure they can meet customer demands. The services build on the Pardot cloud platform that Salesforce inherited when it bought ExactTarget in 2013 for $2.5 billion, a move that added more marketing and social tools to Salesforce's marketing cloud efforts.

Sales Cloud Engage will be available April 23 for $50 per seat per month, while Engagement Studio is expected to enter into a pilot program in the second half of the year.