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Apples Xsan Brings SAN Access to SMBs

Apple's Xsan delivers SAN file system technology to companies with Apple hardware.

XOsofts Assured Recovery Speeds Disaster Recovery

The new software product eliminates database resynchronization by taking a snapshot of the database and collecting any changes made.

Liquid Server Architecture Scales to Workload Demand

Liquid Computing's new server architecture leverages industry-standard components and proprietary technology to create a pool of computing resources that can scale up and down depending on workload demands.

Linux Distributions: A More Egalitarian Oligarchy

|'s updated 2004 Desktop Linux Market survey presents data on distributions, windows managers, e-mail clients, Web browsers and more.

Sun Modifies Grid to Ease Utility Computing Transition

Sun will roll out its Grid Rack System, which will ease the migration to utility computing environments.

Maxxan Rolls Out Intelligent Switch for the Midmarket

Rhe MXV250 intelligent SAN switch is an all-in-one, modular solution that combines a redundant, 16- to 64-port Fibre Channel switch; IPStor software; and the Maxxan SANCruiser management software.

Orions 96-Node Workstation Brings Clusters to Desktop

The new DS-96, with 192GB memory, will run using standard technology and handle complex workloads at the user's desktop.

Thin-Client Vendors Bulk Up With Software

Although hardware is still a key part of their businesses, top thin-client vendors are working to expand their software expertise.

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

Disaster recovery consultants can help companies determine if precious assets are protected.

Flirting with Disaster

IT managers are putting disaster recovery systems to the test-but not for emergencies.

Affordable Disaster Recovery for SMBs Within Reach

SMBs have the same disaster recovery issues as bigger companies but not the same resources. Fortunately, there are some affordable solutions.

Companies Do More with Disaster Recovery Technology

Case study: CDS, Bank of America and Montefiore Medical use disaster recovery technology to advance other business processes.

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