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Parallels: Virtualization for Less

Review: Parallels Workstation 2.1 gives VMware a run for its money.

IBM Goes for the Server X Factor

IBM updates its high-end Intel server line with a new name and a greater emphasis on virtualization.

Salesforce Grows Business Web

In this eWEEK Interview podcast, vice president of developer marketing Adam Gross talks with eWEEK Editor Scot Petersen about the company's AppExchange platform and what it means for developers of the "business Web."

Virtualization Vertigo: Options Abound

Surging technology delivers choices aplenty, as well as the risk of confusion.

Putting Apps on the Move

Review: Softricity's SoftGrid 4.0 effectively delivers applications to user systems.

Fedora Core 5: Shape Shifter - 1

Review: Fast-moving distro works well in server, developer and desktop roles. to Boost Mobile App Access with Sendia

| says its $15 million acquisition of Sendia will help speed up the production of business applications for wireless devices.

Business Objects Ventures into SaaS World

The company's Crystal Reports software is available as a service that is an on-demand report-sharing platform.

BlueArc Is a Titan of NAS

Review: BlueArc's Titan 2000 gateway device pumps up performance and scalability in the world of network-attached storage appliances.

Windows on Mac: Boot Camp Not the Final Word

Updated: News Analysis: Virtualization solutions have the potential of better integrating Windows with the Mac by giving users access to both operating systems at the same time.

Gigaspaces 5 Strengthens Enterprise Grids

Opinion: Scalability, manageability and compatibility improvements address rising need for peak-load response.

eG Innovations Adds High-Availability Option for Monitoring

eG Innovations plans to launch its new eG Redundant Manager Cluster, which automates failover and recovery to backup monitoring servers.

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