HP Expands Its Big Data Analytics Efforts - Page 2

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They also said that while it's important to talk about larger market themes and future plans, the key is ensuring that HP can address and solve the problems facing businesses now.

"It's not just big data for big data's sake," Mahony told the attendees. "People want to use big data to make an impact."

Youngjohns said that HP's "pragmatic" approach is a key differentiator for HP from competitors such as IBM.

"Our challenge, and the challenge for the industry, is [creating the technology] to create value out of all this data," he said. "We are focused on, how do we make this pragmatic? How do we make this real? … This is about solving everyday problems."

HP wants to enable customers to use all of their data, which Youngjohns placed in three categories. The first is traditional business data from sources such as ERP and CRM applications, while machine data is created by such systems as sensors and log files. Human data is highly unstructured, ranging from sources such as voice and video to email.

The new release of Vertica—code-named "Excavator"—is designed to enable businesses to quickly take in and analyze streaming data from a variety of sources, including IoT applications. Integrated into Excavator is Apache Kafka, a distributed messaging system for data streaming that will enable the Vertica software to automate data loading and query for real-time analytics.

In the area of open-source software, HP is working with Hortonworks to enable customers to see a 10-fold performance improvement using Hadoop by developing a high-performance access layer that enables SQL queries to run directly on ORCFile.

HP also announced the Haven Startup Accelerator program, which gives early-stage startups affordable access to both HP big data and application delivery management software and services.