HP's Autonomy Focused on Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Security: GM - Page 2

So the world is getting bigger. Not bigger physically, but bigger digitally. This bigger digital world presents big risk and big opportunity. HP Autonomy sits in a tremendously exciting position in this new world. Quite simply, we help organizations make sense of all this information, understand it in all of its context and meaning, and act on it so that they can be more successful. Ultimately, in a new, bigger, digital world, we help organizations increase their "return on information."

Your big differentiator is IDOL. Can you explain briefly what IDOL is and does, and how it sets you apart from other enterprise players?

Sure. If you reduce what we do down to basic concepts, we are in three distinct businesses.

The foundation of our business is IDOL and helping customers extract value from vast amounts of largely unstructured information. We call IDOL "the OS for human information," because IDOL acts as a service layer containing a wide variety of capabilities that can be applied to solve a diverse range of business problems.

The technology provides a single processing layer for all data, with continuous learning ability, built-in security and massive scalability. IDOL's ability to understand meaning makes us totally unique in the market. It's really the secret sauce of HP Autonomy.

So our first business is all about helping customers solve their deepest big data challenges—for example, identifying insurance fraud, or finding a better and more effective way to run a health care system. Organizations are overwhelmed with data of all types. We excel at coming in and helping them take a novel look at all this information, ultimately making them more successful.

Our second business is around information governance, where we help customers set policies for the acquisition, disposal, retention, discoverability and access to all types of information. And we make this possible by providing the most important part: delivering the tools to implement and enforce these policies. In information governance, I believe we go farther to meet the needs of our customers than pretty much any other solution out there right now.

Our third business, around digital marketing, looks at the way individuals interact with the Web and our ability to transform their experience with great analytics based on IDOL and Vertica. This is about Web content management, rich media management, multivariate testing, call center and multichannel analytics products, as well as the work we are doing with Aurasma. Our goal here is to give users a more personalized experience that helps businesses increase their conversion rates from visit to purchase.

What are you hearing on customer calls these days?

What really gets me so passionate about this business—what confirms my belief that HP Autonomy is at the center of a sea change in how organizations will operate—are our customers. We have tremendous success stories, where companies are truly betting their business on Autonomy.

For example, we work with most of the largest insurance companies on the planet. With the passing of health care reform in the U.S., one of our largest health insurance customers realized that it is more important than ever to deliver a compelling, engaging and helpful online experience. This is vital to their ability to retain and grow their customer base. So, they turned to HP Autonomy to overhaul their entire Web presence to better communicate with their 70 million visitors. It's been a huge success, and their team credits HP Autonomy with the role we've played in helping them realize their vision.